IRC Logs for #circuits Tuesday, 2014-05-27

eKKiMprologic: fast.01:11
prologiceKKiM: eh?01:15
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prologicc45y: ping?05:21
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prologichi robonerd06:34
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prologiceven'n all09:45
robert_slow going. I've been caring for my grandpa who's not going to make it.12:19
robert_I spent the entire afternoon yesterday at his bedside.12:20
pdurbinmy grandfather is in the hospital. family with him around the clock. he's 9512:29
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robert_pdurbin: mine's 94. And same.13:41
robert_pdurbin: I said goodbye yesterday. :/13:42
robert_yeah. :/13:44
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prologicrobert_, oh :/20:57
prologicmy grandpa recently passed away20:57
prologicnice man miss him :/20:57
prologicsorry to hear abuot yours20:57
prologicmine was 8920:58
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robonerdsorry about your loss21:21
robonerdat least he had many years21:21
prologicthat's all we can really say21:23
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prologicbut I think we all miss our grandpas :)21:23
robonerdnot everyone bro21:30
robonerdsome ppl's grandpas were evil abusive bastards21:30
robonerdit's just a dice roll21:30
prologicthat’s true I guess23:10
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