IRC Logs for #circuits Thursday, 2014-05-29

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prologicmorn’n all00:36
prologichow’s it going?01:09
pdurbinnot bad. trying to get the kids to sleep. have a sink to fix, a little clogged01:14
prologicthat’s right it’s pm over there :)01:14
prologichey you got a few mins to give some small feedback re my linkedin profile?01:15
pdurbinprologic: shouldn't circuits be right in the summary?01:32
prologicshould it?01:35
prologicgive me some ideas :)01:35
pdurbinprologic: the summary should at least say "open source" and probably say where to find your code01:55
prologicAnd what about circuits - Mention I’ve the lead eveloper of that particular pojrect or such?02:03
pdurbinsure. or whatever code you'd like people to check out02:04
prologicdone :)02:07
prologicI inserted a whole paragraph02:08
prologicbetter? :)02:08
pdurbinit says "see below" but I don't see links to github or bitbucket02:09
prologicThey’re just below the Summary :)02:10
prologicas Links :)02:10
prologicwording confusing?02:10
pdurbinmaybe one must log in to see them02:12
pdurbinwhich would be unfortunate02:12
prologicthere ya go02:16
prologicI think you can only see them if you “View Full Profile"02:16
prologicand are logged in02:16
prologicdunno :)02:16
prologicI didn’t see any permissions or visiblity settings on those attached links I added to the Summary02:16
prologicso I did the usual devleoper thing of02:16
prologicand Links: at the bottom02:17
pdurbinnot clickable but better. stupid linkedin02:17
pdurbinbelieve me, I've tried to add clickable links to my summary:
pdurbinanyway, good luck. going to curl up with this before bed: Interactive Data Visualization for the Web -
prologicnps :)02:22
prologicthanks for your input02:22
c45yI have the python pandas book under my pillow02:23
c45yit's a great way to drift off to sleep02:24
prologichey c45y what you doing for lunch?02:38
c45yalready eaten sorry02:39
c45yI'm eating early and cramming my afternoon with work02:40
c45yI leave for 3 weeks this weekend, so I'm a little busy lol02:40
prologicalso what’s happenning with you work wise/contacts/etc02:41
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c45yprologic: not a huge bunch04:11
c45yI got a long contract doing stuff for you eResearch jerks04:12
c45yJust plodding along on that really04:12
prologicso they’ve extneded you?04:13
c45y2 year contract on projects04:15
prologicahh nice04:20
prologiclucky you :)04:20
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prologichi jpenny20:14
c45yprologic: coffee?22:04
robert_prologic: A-HA. I found it! lmao22:36
robert_prologic: remember how last week I was saying you could customize how classes are built in python?22:36
robert_prologic: builtins.__build_class__23:22
prologicc45y: just got in mate23:26
prologicc45y: still up for a coffee if you want23:26
prologicrobert_: umm no :)23:27
prologicand __new__23:27
prologicthese are the mechanisms used to control how classes are created23:27
prologiccircuits uses both23:27
prologicone of the more interesting features of Python — metaprogramming23:27
c45yprologic: bit late now sorry23:34
c45ygetting stuck into work23:34
prologicsure nps23:38
prologicI’m actually being retrenched here and so am on the look out for new opportunies to move to23:38
prologic*sigh* fixed-term contracts are a bit of a pain sometimes23:39
prologickoobs1: ping? Are you guys looking for contracts (fixed or temporary)? I’m available :)23:39
robert_I didn't say it was a good way to do it, I just said it's there. :P23:55
prologicYeah I’m not sure that that part of builtins is meant ot be abused like that23:59
prologictypically classes are modified by __new__23:59
prologicand if you need more advanced control __metaclass__23:59

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