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circuits_github[circuits] therealprologic pushed 1 new commit to master:
circuits_githubcircuits/master 60055dc James Mills: Added separate docker fabric module to generalize docker build, publish and run development task(s)01:40
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prologichello robonerd01:44
robonerddude,w hat's up with chicks shaving their eyebrows into tiny thin lines?01:44
prologichacking, work, etc01:44
robonerdit looks so harsh and unnatural and stupid01:44
robonerdraging, usual01:44
prologicthat was a bit left wing01:45
prologicshort answer - I don’t know :)01:45
prologicI’m a married family guy01:45
prologicso I don’t give a rats ass :)01:45
robonerdyour wife have natural eyebrows?01:45
robonerdhold on to her forever01:45
prologicI plan to :)01:45
prologicwhat do you do with circuits again?01:45
prologiccan’t recall if I asked you or not :)01:45
prologicunless you are also robert_ ? :)01:46
robonerdoh i don't use it. i actually don't even know python01:46
prologicoh :)01:46
robonerdi'm just interested in composable event driven frameworks01:46
prologicwell now’s a good time to start :)01:46
robert_huh? lol01:46
prologicPython is quite big in the indsutry and community01:46
prologicyes well circuits is exactly that01:46
prologiccomposable event-driven :)01:46
robert_why am I being equated to robonerd?01:46
robonerdbecause you're badass, apparently01:47
prologicsimilar nicks :)01:47
prologichi robert_ :)01:47
robert_not really, lmao. but thanks robonerd. :p01:47
robert_(and not really to 'similar nicks', lol)01:47
prologicI was at OpenStack Meetup last night in Brisbane (3rd June 2014)01:47
prologicmet some interesting folk there01:47
robonerdwhat're they up to?01:48
prologicI hope I end up working for either OpenStack, Rackspace or Redhat :)01:48
robonerdany fascinating work coming otu?01:48
robert_robert and robo nerd, lol01:48
prologicI was talking to a couple of folk about my presneting circuits at PyConAU this year in Brisbane01:48
prologicand they aske dif I was a benelevant didcator :P01:48
prologicI said god no :P01:48
prologicI hope i’m not :)01:48
robonerdwhy'd they ask that?01:48
robonerdwhat'd that mean?01:48
robonerdi know the term, but why ask you that01:48
prologicI think it was a joke at LInus Torvald’s expense tbh01:49
prologicmaybe it’s a bit of an in joke amongst open sources01:49
robonerdwhy wouldn't you wanna be a BD?01:49
prologicopen sourcers*01:49
prologicwhat’s the point :P01:49
prologicI feel you don’t make many friends that way01:49
robonerdwhat's the solution?01:49
prologicbesides circuits is an applicaiton framework01:49
prologicnot a kernel :)01:49
prologicrobonerd: Are you interested in JavaScript at all?01:52
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circuits_github[circuits] therealprologic pushed 4 new commits to master:
circuits_githubcircuits/master 896d099 James Mills: Added much simpler proxy implemtnation that forwards tcp01:53
circuits_githubcircuits/master 6ebcd6c James Mills: Automated merge with
circuits_githubcircuits/master 29a5c96 James Mills: Guard against a non-existent client01:53
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robonerdyea, i wanna learn js for web01:53
robonerdit's the last part of the stack i don't have01:53
robonerdi have objc for ios/osx, ruby/rails for web app/backend, and html/css for web front end. i just need js for web front end behavior01:53
prologicWould you be interested at all in developing (with me) a JavaScript prototype of the circuits architecture?01:53
prologicI would even consider porting the core of circuits (namely it’s archiecure) to Ruby too if I were to work with someone more familar with Ruby01:54
prologicAlso a JS implementation would also cover NodeJS01:55
pdurbinprologic: have you considered porting circuits to other languages besides javascript?02:09
robonerdhe literally just said as much, lol02:11
robonerdwhen the time comes and i learn js, sure i'd be interested in that02:11
robonerdi won't be picking up js until this fall tho02:11
prologicpdurbin: only Ruby/JavaScript so far02:12
prologicparts of circuits’ design was actually implemented and based on my undergraduate dasys with Java over 10 years ago02:13
prologicrobonerd: how good is your Ruby then?02:13
prologicpdurbin: what other languages did you have in mind?02:14
robonerdwhat did you get a degree in?02:14
prologicunfortuantely a standard Bachelor of Inforation Tehcnologyu02:16
prologicbut I had done 5 years of a Bachelor of Engineering in Software Engineering02:16
robonerdwhat do you think you should have got a degree in?02:16
prologicI traded in the 5 years I’ve already done for an IT degree because of my loss of sight and difficulty in competing Micro Electronic Engineering coures02:16
prologicstupid components are too small for me to see :)02:16
prologicbut can obviously write Assmebly with my eyes closed :)02:17
robonerdwow fuck i'm sorry to hear that02:17
prologicnah don’t be :)02:17
robonerdwhy did you lose your sight?02:17
prologicthat’s life :)02:17
prologicgoogle: Lebers Diesease02:17
robonerdawesome your wife didn't leave you02:18
robonerdso if you were to get a bachelor's degree now, what would you get? (i'm thinking about going to uni after all of this time)02:18
robonerdi have 15 years of experience in the industry02:19
prologicI’ve only married recently :)02:19
prologicI’ve been legally blind (visually imparied) for over 11 years now02:19
prologicyou learn to live with it :P02:19
robonerdcan you see her face?02:19
prologicsort of :)02:20
prologicphotos help02:20
robonerdthat must be really cool02:20
prologicto be honest (re degree)02:20
prologicI’m actually starting my PhD02:20
prologici.e: PhD in Computer Science02:20
prologicnot sure I’ dbe the best person to advice on undergraduate degrees02:21
prologicbut given your industry experience02:21
prologicyou may be able to do a Masters in something02:21
prologicthe reason I’m getting involved with academia (and a PhD or two)02:21
prologicis because a) I’ve lways enjoyed academia02:21
prologicand b) I hope to one day get into teaching02:21
robonerdhow could i skip bachelor right to master's degree?02:22
prologicbased on your industry expeirence02:41
robonerduniversities allow that?02:42
robonerdhow can i read about that?02:42
robonerdwhat would i search for on the web?02:42
prologicyes :)02:43
prologicWell you have to talk to people I think02:43
prologicit’s not straight foward02:43
prologicBut you could just apply for a Masters striahgt up I think02:43
prologicthey would consider your industry experience02:43
prologicANd if you’re over 25 (I assume you are)02:43
robonerdyes i am02:44
prologicthey also take that into account02:44
robonerdthats awesome!02:44
robonerdi could skip the whole low level classes!02:44
prologicI believe you would02:44
robonerdcan you imagine sitting in some kind of geometry class?02:44
prologicdepending on the UNi02:44
robonerd"THIS IS A CIRCLE"02:44
robonerd"CIRCLES ARE ROUND"02:44
prologicI had to do math and physics when I went to uni02:44
prologic1st year engineering courses02:44
robonerdhow are you at math?02:45
prologicas well as programming I, II and III02:45
prologicwhich I also learned nothing of :)02:45
prologicI had to do first and second order pedicate logic and calculus02:45
prologic(not 1st year courses)02:45
prologicand formal Z (Zed) for formalizing software designs as “mathematically correct"02:45
robonerdi'd want to learn that02:46
robonerdhow to apply math rigor to software02:46
prologicnot something that’s done in industry very often02:46
prologicunless you work for the defense force, nasa02:46
prologicor finaicial sector02:46
prologicwriting software02:46
prologicotherwise it’s just the usuaul manual testing02:47
prologictdd, bdd, etc02:47
prologicthis is what I had to learn :)02:49
robonerdseen the mathematically proven kernel work?02:51
prologicwe had to develop software with this technique at Uni :002:53
prologicit does work in practice02:53
prologicjust I haven’t seen it used very widely in industry02:53
prologiccertainly not in web development :P02:53
robonerdi wonder why not02:53
prologicTime and Cost02:53
prologicthat’s always why02:53
prologicQuality == Time + Cost02:53
prologicCorrectness == (Even More) Time + Cost02:54
prologicI also learned Behavior Trees and Genetic Software Engineering (GSE)
prologicthe basis of and inspiration of circuits itself02:54
robonerdlemme read02:55
robonerdbad ass03:02
robonerddo you think someone who had no formal education could jump directly to phd if they were making a new programming language and made a big systematic project of it?03:03
prologicthis kind of thing03:04
robonerdor is master's the highest one can jump to03:04
prologicBehavior Trees03:04
prologicand Grpahical Component Composition / Editor03:04
prologicis where I’d like to take circuits as a framework next03:04
prologicor a language03:04
prologiceither/or or both03:04
prologicbut I imagine it would require more effort and time than has alredy been put into the project already (nearly 10 years of effort and over $600k cost)03:05
prologicWell Masters vs. PhD03:05
prologicThe thing about PhD(s) is it’s all about Research03:05
prologicSo Industry Experience will only get you part of the way there03:05
prologicit’s a completely different discipline03:06
robonerdlet's say a big part of that industry experience is research03:06
robonerdso, b oth03:06
prologicyou might be able to then in that case :)03:09
prologicit depends :P03:09
prologicfinding out techincal things03:09
prologicand doing google research03:09
prologicdoesn’t quite count :)03:09
prologicI’m only just beginning to find out all about research03:09
prologici.e: the academic kind :)03:09
robonerdwhat defines academic kind of research?03:10
pdurbinprologic: no other languages in particular. just curious what you'd say03:16
prologicnew ays of doing things that haven’t been done before03:18
prologicI think :)03:18
prologicpdurbin: oh? but I’m still curious as to your thoughts :P03:18
prologicpdurbin: you do still realize I’m still toying with the idea of aspects of circuits as a programming langauge right? :)03:18
pdurbindidn't realize03:19
pdurbinbut. so sleepy. going to bed. feel free to keep talking and I'll catch up on the log03:19
prologicnps night :)03:20
robonerd"toying with the idea of aspects of circuits as a programming langauge"03:23
robonerdwhat do ya mean prologic ?03:23
prologicSo things I think about are:03:46
prologiccomponents as first class citiznes03:46
prologichow would they be different from typical oop classes and objects?03:46
prologicreusable - no mixing data and behavior03:46
prologicfirst-class event-driven asynchornous I/O03:46
prologicas well as native synchornoization primitives03:47
prologicand dsitirbuted computing builtin03:47
robonerdwhat does it mean to make "event-driven asynchornous I/O" first class?04:20
prologicBit like what Io ( does04:25
prologicmessages are sent to objects asynchronously04:25
prologicco you might define something like (for example):04:26
prologiccomponent EchoServer:04:26
prologic    include SoekctServer04:26
prologicapp = EchoServer()04:26
prologicapp write(“foo”)04:27
prologicvery contrived obviously04:27
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