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robert_realzies: we just idle a lot here, lol.01:04
prologicrobert_, what's this?01:18
robert_a kind of important component I'd written a couple years ago in Ruby01:21
prologicpoo :)01:21
prologicare you porting this to Python and circuits per chance?01:21
robert_so I figured it was as good a time as any to rewrite it modularly in Python with Circuits. :p01:21
prologicahh nice!01:22
prologicthat's brilliant01:22
prologiclet's see if we can't programatically generate that diagram01:22
prologicfrom the component registrations themselves01:22
robert_sweet. :D01:22
prologicand their event handlers01:22
robert_oooh, awesome!01:23
robert_So you like how I split everything apart?01:23
robert_the only "iffy" areas I can see are the scheduling and proper locking between the datastore API and the actual datastore service01:24
prologicthat's the idea behind circuits01:25
prologicreuseable components that implement units of behavior01:25
robert_the workers themselves are threads01:25
prologicon their own don't do much01:25
prologicbut combined with other components form a larger system01:25
robert_essentially, COM implemented in a pythonesque manner.01:25
robert_without all the "eww." parts.01:25
prologicyeah sort of :)01:26
prologicanyway ttl01:26
prologicgoing out :)01:26
robert_the core concept behind COM is solid, but the way they implemented? fuck off. :p01:26
robert_and yeah; I'm gonna be back in about 7-ish hours. I need me some sleep.01:27
robert_if you wanna take a stab at any of the actual design, just link me to codepad articles with the gist of what's going on. :D01:27
robert_otherwise I'll just pick your re: how to use the Circuits importer when I wake up.01:28
robert_I have another ruby appendage I'm going to want to merge into this, to make one solid "system" that handles an entire facet of functionality- modularly, of course01:30
robert_prologic: you'll have to help me out with the scheduling of worker threads.01:31
robert_anyway- night.01:31
prologicoh rats02:58
prologicmissed ya :)02:58
prologicwas gonna ask you to briefly describe COM02:58
prologicbut I'll look it up on wikipedia02:58
prologicrobert_, re scheduling of worker threads02:59
prologicso obviously as you know in Python multirheading is not ideal for CPU bound work because of the GIL02:59
prologicso you need to use real OS threads (proecsses)02:59
prologici.e: the multiprocessing library02:59
prologicwhich is what the circuits Worker component wraps around03:00
prologicin terms of scheduling however nothing fancy at this stage03:00
prologicit just shoves task() events into a pool of workers and lets you use the circuits synchornization primitives to control flow03:00
prologicsuccessfully used in a number of applications now03:00
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robert_but I don't care about computation09:57
robert_its just that I need to do work in parallel09:57
robert_(sending email)09:58
robert_realtime isn't a concern09:58
robert_ruby has a GIL too09:58
robert_prologic: hi.09:59
robert_prologic: only by a couple hours. I was exhausted, lol09:59
prologicnearly bedtime for me :)10:01
prologicmucking around with my Arduino projects10:01
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kdb_Welcome back pdurbin :)10:11
robert_prologic: night. :p12:19
prologicyeah night12:25
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kdb_Howdy ninkotech12:30
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kdb_Welcome back robert__ :)17:40
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prologicmorn’n all22:03
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kdb_Welcome back realzies :)22:24
prologicAnyone got any recommendations for querying JSON document data with Python and providing such querying capabilities over an API?23:24
prologicMy API9s) currently use jsonselect ( and use the python library
prologicBut a. This library does not supprt Level 3 selectors and b. I don’t think JSON Select (CSS3-style selectors) is sufficiently complex enough for more complex querying23:25
prologice.g: give me a list of all objects whoose property “name” is in the set of names [“foo”, “bar”, “baz”]23:26
robert_prologic: ALl my #circuits, brought to you by.. Mom Corp. For that fresh, clean, down-to-earth oil aroma, choose Mom Corp.!23:33
robert_prologic: I'm drinking the kool-aid and hacking away at an Enterprise Architect document.23:34
robert_an ENTIRE one.23:34
pdurbin is a bit of a re-invention of ?23:36
prologichi robert_ and pdurbin  :)23:41
prologicpdurbin: perhaps so23:41
prologicI’m just looking at some different options23:41
prologicso if you have any useful input :)23:42
prologicI want two things:23:42
prologicquery/filtering features as described above23:42
prologicto provide this atop my python powered apis23:42
robert_prologic: you wanted to talk about COM last night? lol23:42
prologicI have a lot of json data that’s served over JSON Schema API(s) that would be nice if you could perform queries again23:42
prologicrobert_: ahh yes I forgot to lookup COM on wikipedia ;)23:43
robert_No worries, now that I'm here, I can explain it (more or less..) :p23:43
prologicgo right ahead :)23:45
robert_First, a rant on COM- basically, it's the wrong way to implement a cross-language component framework. It enforces binary ABI, etc. etc. and does all sorts of compiler shennanigans. But from a host perspective (the roles are reversed; clients host, and the controls/components theselves are hosted)23:45
robert_Now, for the good parts.23:46
prologicwait :)23:47
prologicCOM should never cross languages really23:47
prologicthink of componnet as services23:47
prologicand your protocols “messages"23:47
prologictwo o rmore systems that use components should talk to each other in a common language23:47
robert_COM is essentially a compiler-supported runtime component framework that lets you consume COM servers no matter the language, so long as your language knows how to marshall and unmarshall data.23:47
prologicI think we’ve all learned this :)23:47
prologicit’s called HTTP ftw23:47
prologicor whatever you want23:47
robert_even binary is fine, so long as it isn't an entier ABI23:48
robert_entire *23:48
prologice.g: BSON23:48
prologicor magpack23:48
prologictwo good examples23:48
prologicthe thing for me that circuits (here) for Python helps solve23:49
prologicis implemtnation and design complexities23:49
prologicif you’ve ever written thousands of lines of spaghetti code23:49
prologicyou’ll know what I’m coming from23:49
robert_I do.23:49
prologicclasses and objects != reuseability23:49
prologicthey are a horrible form of reuse23:49
robert_well-defined classes and objects, maybe. but not always.23:50
prologicyeah so23:55
prologicCOM is just a proprietary (no doubt) binary protocol invnetnted and largely used by MS23:55
prologicnothing at all like what circuits is with it’s component and evne-driven architecture :)23:55
prologicI think I knew this I just needed to double check (gain)23:55

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