IRC Logs for #circuits Wednesday, 2014-06-11

prologicyou just need to replace stdin with red events from your socket00:01
prologicwrap it up nicely00:01
prologicand I’ll add it to circuits.core :)00:01
robert_sweet. :D00:02
pdurbinprologic: did you figure out that jq query?01:12
prologicdoesn’t seem to be a way to do that :)01:21
prologicso I’m just hacking together some python to get this data extract together01:21
pdurbinI haven't done very complicated things with jq01:31
pdurbinbut I haven't studied it too much either01:31
prologicit seems to be good for filtering04:38
prologicand transformation04:39
prologicbecause it's stream based04:39
prologicit also plays nice with things like grep, sed04:39
prologicwhere you can pipe the output04:39
prologicbut anything more complex is well more complex04:39
robert_ugh, stupid sinuses08:16
prologicso how's InteractiveDebugger coming along?08:19
prologicyou should be finished by now :P08:19
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kdb_Welcome back ninkotech :)09:42
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kdb_Howdy edk11:27
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kdb_Howdy nkz17:46
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robert_I had unexpected things get in the way, lol.20:23
robert_in other words, nonexistent atm.20:24
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kdb_Howdy spaceone20:40

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