IRC Logs for #circuits Saturday, 2014-06-14

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kdb_Heya ircnotifier07:18
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robert_Romster: how goes?14:12
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Romsterrobert_, i'm going good15:07
robert_fun. :D15:07
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robert_hm, prologic- what happens if a component is busy doing something when it receives an event?19:21
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prologicrobert_, not possible21:08
prologicevent handlers will block the event loop21:08
prologicso don't do CPU bound work in them21:09
prologicuse the Worker() component21:09
prologicand fire task() events at it21:09
prologicevents are handled one at a time21:09
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robert_ah, okay.21:29
robert_prologic: got an example?21:29
prologicYou can also take advantage of circuits builtin coro/sync features and perform "work" inside an event handler iteratively21:51
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