IRC Logs for #circuits Tuesday, 2014-06-17

pdurbinthe bots are gretting each other again01:16
prologicare they? :)04:22
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kdb_Hey prologic04:22
prologic*eh* :)04:23
prologicit keeps the place lively04:23
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kdb_Hello ninkotech08:20
kdb_Hello leux_08:20
kdb_Heya kdb08:20
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kdb_Hello koobs08:21
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pdurbinthey could be doing worse things to each other I guess10:39
prologicpdurbin, you still around?11:12
prologicpdurbin, your thoughts if you will on this:
prologicand the related talk I guess (but it's not necessary to watch)11:13
prologic^^^ this is also very interesting11:27
prologiczope.interface (Python) == Java interfaces11:28
prologicbut I think we all knew that? :P11:28
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pdurbingood stuff12:06
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kdb_Yo zimsky12:10
prologichi Zimsky12:31
prologicpdurbin, thoughts?12:31
pdurbinit's a sign of a good talk if people are writing code examples for it12:52
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kdb_Welcome back kdb :)20:20
kdb_Welcome back leux_ :)20:20
prologicpdurbin, hehe21:35
prologicI'm still nutting out ideas :(21:35

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