IRC Logs for #circuits Wednesday, 2014-06-18

pdurbinI don't know what nutting out means but seems like it should go with a :) not a :(00:11
robert_yum, food.00:25
prologicwell yeah okay ;)00:34
prologicstill working out the content of the slides and talk :)00:34
pdurbintaking content from those published slides and writing more code to match it00:36
prologicwell not sure how much you looked at Jeff Rush’s presentation00:38
prologicandt he sample code I wrote in that repo00:38
pdurbinbarely. was busy at work00:38
prologicbut circuits doesn’t really have a direct translation of the whole adapter pattern as seen by zope.interface and java interfaces00:38
prologicbut the concept(s) are there nonetheless just in a differenrt way00:39
prologici.e: two or more differing componetns can talk to each other in compatible ways by exchanging events00:39
prologicso components are the implementation and events are the interfaces00:39
pdurbinprologic: did I already link you to my javaone talk proposal?00:41
prologicno I don’t think so00:42
prologichave you been accepted?00:42
pdurbinshockingly :)00:43
prologicahh nice :)00:43
prologicyou actually have  submit a video as part of the submission process? :)00:44
pdurbinyeah. first year for that00:45
*** koobs has quit IRC00:45
prologicso in as short as you can00:46
prologicwhat is the command pattern?00:46
prologicbtw I’m not an advocate of mvc or mvvm at all :)00:46
pdurbina reified method call:
prologicso rpc-ish?00:51
prologicalso what is this “Gang of Four” I keep reading and hearing about lately?00:52
*** c45y has joined #circuits00:59
kdb_Howdy c45y00:59
prologichi c45y01:00
pdurbinthe original design patterns book had four authors01:08
prologicis that’s what’s meant by gang of four?01:11
robert_will therealprologic please stand up? :p01:40
*** koobs has joined #circuits01:42
kdb_Welcome back koobs :)01:42
c45yhey prologic01:52
prologicrobert_: no:)01:56
robert_prologic: I just noticed your github username and thought I'd crack a joke at the expense of your sense of humor. :p01:58
prologicoften whenever I’ve tried to get the username “prologic” at various websites and services02:02
prologicit’s taken02:02
prologicand funnily enough sometimes by me02:02
prologicbut I’ve forgotten the password or such02:02
prologicwho knows :)02:02
prologicso in those scenarios I use therealprologic02:02
pdurbinprologic: oh, the other day I met the guy who developed most of Lucene's spatial module:
prologicpdurbin: ahh nice :)02:10
pdurbinprologic: do you do much with spatial search?02:10
prologicI do yeah02:15
prologicmore so in my previous role at qld. govt02:15
prologicgeolocation searching, etc02:15
prologicbut also with ccav intersection based searching02:15
prologicprecomputed though02:15
pdurbinbloops. "ccav is a Climate Chnage..."02:19
prologicoops indeed :)02:20
prologicI type too fast :P02:20
prologicfixed :)02:21
prologicI believe (IHMO) that the Command Pattern can bemodeled with circuits :)02:23
pdurbinhere's how we do it in java:
prologicpdurbin: my take on Command Pattern ^^^ :)03:23
prologiccould be more circuitry though :)03:23
prologiceven'n all09:11
pdurbinprologic: nice10:49
prologicpdurbin, you like? :)10:52
prologicother thoughts? :)10:52
pdurbincould be more circuit-y, you say?10:53
pdurbincircuits-y, I mean10:55
prologicI probably would have made a bit more use of events11:06
prologicis all I'm saying11:06
prologicbut I ported the example directly from wikipedia11:06
prologicat least I think I did :)11:06
pdurbinseemed quite similar11:17
pdurbinprologic: oh, more on the command pattern with jer at
prologicpdurbin, I believe I read that as it was being discussed :)13:48
prologicjer's an interesting fellow13:48
prologicand I agree with the whole abusive usage of excpetions in general13:48
prologicI guess that's why in circuits we catch any and all exceptions that occur in event handlers (any)13:49
prologicexceptions should really only occur in exceptional circumstances13:49
prologicand even then you should be able to recovery13:50
prologicmorn’n all23:58
robert_hah, just who I wanted to see. :p23:59

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