IRC Logs for #circuits Friday, 2014-06-20

c45yprologic: pubtime00:31
prologicc45y: I think I’ll pass sorry00:39
prologicnot feeling well today, might make you sick :)00:39
c45yno problemo00:39
prologicdaughte rhas given me a cold I think00:39
c45yaah bummer00:39
c45yI'm just very sleepy00:39
prologiccould get another coffee though00:43
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c45y aaaw nah01:06
c45ytempting, but already had 2 today01:06
c45y3 before 12 is a bit much01:07
prologicI’ll say :)01:08
c45yworking with jetlag is hard01:12
c45yI've been living off coffee the last 2 days01:12
prologicwhere’d you go?01:16
c45ywas an interesting experience01:19
c45yvery cool place01:19
prologicwhat for? holiday?01:21
c45yfirst one in 4 years :)03:12
Zimskyspeaking of conferences, prologic, I forget if you're doing a thing at pycon on circuits03:12
c45yalso speaking of conferences, I've been accepted for questnet this year03:13
prologicZimsky: I am :)03:16
prologicc45y: ahh congrats, what on?03:16
Zimskyprologic: sweeeeeet. I'll see you there then03:16
c45ycollaborative research storage03:18
c45ystill haven't written the presentation, so content is anyone's guess atm03:18
prologicZimsky: oh you’re from Brissy too?03:38
prologicc45y: so owncloud? :)03:38
Zimskyprologic: no i'm from Sydney03:47
Zimskybut i'm most likely going to be at pycon03:47
prologicahh nice :)03:53
prologicwho do you work for? :)03:53
prologicI need a new job from the 1st July03:53
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kdb_Hey pancham03:58
c45yprologic: correct04:14
prologichehe :)04:27
*** koobs has joined #circuits04:52
kdb_Welcome back koobs :)04:52
prologickoobs: ping?04:54
koobsprologic:  pong04:59
prologichey koobs privmsg?04:59
koobscan you give me 30 minutes'ish, just heading up the road to get a coffee04:59
koobsill ping you when im back05:00
prologicokie dokie :)05:00
koobsprologic: back05:37
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*** pancham has joined #circuits08:18
kdb_Welcome back pancham :)08:18
prologichi pancham09:07
panchamhi prologic09:08
panchamhi james09:09
prologicWe know each other? :)09:12
panchamno we dont10:56
prologicoh :)11:20
prologicwell welcome :)11:20
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*** pancham has joined #circuits14:34
kdb_Welcome back pancham :)14:34
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