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kdbWelcome back osso :)00:54
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kdbWelcome back ossoleil :)01:36
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prologicI just answered this SO question01:53
prologicwith a circuits sample (fully tested)01:53
prologicit’s a good example I think01:53
prologicshould generlaize it and chuck it into examples/01:53
prologicas something like tcpproxy.py01:53
prologicthat can turn any interactive cli app into a service over a tcp socket server01:54
c45yjust write an easy to use netflix proxy01:54
c45yand the masses will love you01:54
c45yprologic: also its polite to mention if you are involved with projects normally01:54
prologicsure :)01:57
prologicso Caveat: I am the author/devleoper of circuits01:57
prologicI actually happen to run a hulu proxy myself writtein in Python01:58
prologic(but not my own)01:58
prologicI was actually planning on writing a new proxy01:58
c45yi run a netflix one in python too01:58
prologicthat supports both hulu and netlix01:59
c45ybut its kinda lame01:59
prologicand write it in circuits01:59
prologicand distirbute it on pypi01:59
c45ygood plan01:59
prologicyeah the one I use it kinda lame too01:59
prologicI mean it works01:59
prologicbut sometimes you have to kill it and restart it etc01:59
c45yI just hate figuring out what needs to be blocked/not01:59
c45yprologic: haha same01:59
prologicsame here01:59
prologicI want an all-in-one exclusive solution01:59
prologicthat you just run and go01:59
c45yprologic: curl
c45yall works well01:59
c45ybut IP locking sucks02:00
prologicit’s really not all that hard to write either02:00
c45ymuch rather redirect with basic auth02:00
c45ybut lazy02:00
prologicthis is essentially the basic structure of such an app02:00
prologicalready in examples :)02:00
c45ylucky I had keys swapped or that would have been one of my passwords02:04
prologicwe still have to build this passweb app :)02:05
c45yhaha yea02:05
prologicmy local database of encrypted passwords is getting rather large now02:05
prologicover 100 passwords02:05
prologicand I have to rsync it to several machines02:05
c45yI dont even set up passwords for internal servers these days02:05
c45ykey only02:05
prologicjust in case I looose the damned thing02:05
c45ytired of storing and updating them02:06
prologic *nods*02:06
c45yI've had very little energy for development of late02:09
c45yspending all day writing php has me a little programming depressed02:09
prologicI can understand that :)02:20
prologicon a plus side my chicken coup project is almost finally working02:20
prologicthis morning I was able to open the coup door remotely from my macbook air02:20
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c45yprologic: haha02:53
c45yautomating the hard tasks02:53
prologicit’s been a project I’ve been working on at home for the past 4 months now02:53
prologicArduino Uno + Motor Shield + CC3000 Shield02:54
prologicNEMA-17 200 step 12VDC Stepper Motor02:54
prologic12VDC Lock-style Solenoid02:54
prologicIt works pretty well so far02:54
prologicand it’s all controllved via teh web (well over my home wifi)02:54
c45ywhy not just have an old clock that connects a circuit for the period of the day the hand is on the electric wire02:54
prologicsorry wat? :P02:58
prologicwhat part of “automated chicken coup door opener/closer” was not understood? :)02:59
c45yit is automated03:00
prologicand when the season changes?03:00
c45ywhen the hour hand ticks to close the circuit the motor gets03:00
prologicand how will you hold the door up during the day?03:00
c45yadjust clock time?03:00
c45yprologic: more clocks!03:00
prologicmoreover (future work) how will you verify the chickens are in or not?03:00
c45yagain, more clocks03:00
c45yand maybe magnets03:00
prologicsee the one we could have bought from the company that makde the chicken coup house itself (flat-pack) sells suck s clock-based door opener03:01
c45yjust have a trapdoor floor that opens and drops them all out, and closes at night03:01
prologicbut I wanted better :)03:01
prologicyou’ll have to come see what I’ve done03:01
prologicthen you’ll go “ahhh” :)03:01
c45ytake pictured03:01
prologicit has a 12Ah battery, 25W solar panel(s)03:01
c45ysubmit to ideascale for mail delievery system03:01
prologicI plan to :)03:01
prologicprobably a youtube video03:02
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