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Spoonerrodin coils, anyone?03:21
prologictry ##electronics :)03:34
Spoonerthank you, i am. :)03:38
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Romsterprologic, your topic "(After #electronics ?)" should be "(After ##electronics ?)"04:05
prologicIt redirects04:05
prologicit’s fine :)04:05
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spaceoneprologic: today was the final presentation: project: 96%, presentation and defence/technical talk: 99%, written exam: 90%. so 94% in average.11:45
spaceonenow officially open source software engineer11:45
pdurbinspaceone: congrats! but... what were you before? :)11:49
spaceonepdurbin: apprentice11:49
pdurbinthat's cool. I work on open source projects but I don't consider myself an engineer. more like a code monkey11:51
prologicspaceone, a big congratulations to you!11:56
prologicspaceone, well done!11:56
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prologicpdurbin, hehe :)11:57
prologicI have an undergraduate degree in Software Engineering11:57
prologicdo you think I actually do that for a living? :)11:57
prologicmore like you - code monkey :)11:57
pdurbinI was a psych major12:00
pdurbinmaybe that's why I have a touch of imposter syndrome :)12:01
pdurbinprologic: I'd say you can call yourself an engineer12:03
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