IRC Logs for #circuits Tuesday, 2014-07-08

prologicpdurbin, ping?08:16
pdurbinprologic: good morning09:44
prologicpdurbin, hey morning :)10:46
prologicor evening for me (going to bed)10:46
prologicbut I wanted to ask10:47
prologicwhat your thoughts were on the command pattern and web apps in general10:47
prologicbit of context10:47
prologicI find developing ui(s) for web apps very frustrating to say the least10:47
prologicthere seems to be no good way to do it10:47
prologiclots of fiddling and tweaking10:47
prologicfor not much gain10:47
prologicI'm becoming more and more a fan of things like jquery.terminal10:48
prologicand extending this to web apps in general10:48
prologicor as a first-cutt10:48
prologici.e: build the functionality10:48
prologiccommand pattern style10:48
prologicor as simple little abstracted unix processes (apis if you will)10:48
prologicthen let someone else worry about putting a fancy ass ui on top of it10:48
prologicbut at least you have a cli web ui that also works just as well (if not better)10:49
pdurbinprologic: well, I definitely favor building the restful api first. and worry about the gui later11:26
pdurbinthat might be driven a bit by how I'm not a huge fan of JSF (Java Server Faces)11:27
pdurbinbut I'm a command line guy anyway11:27
prologicI am too through and through21:07
pdurbinprologic: what languages have you used to write web apps in? python, of course. what else?21:20
*** anunnaki has joined #circuits21:40
prologicpdurbin: php23:00
prologicpdurbin: and soon NodeJS — accepted a job offer at a new company23:00
prologicstart on the 22nd23:00
prologicpdurbin: why’s that?23:00
prologicI’m not really inclined to develop web apps in anything else really (yet)23:09
prologicpdurbin: still around?23:58

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