IRC Logs for #circuits Thursday, 2014-07-10

pdurbinurl parameters00:06
pdurbinthey're a lot like cli arguments00:06
prologicahh yeah00:11
prologicthey are00:11
prologicthat’s why I was thinking that00:12
prologicthe kind of thing I’m thinking is this00:12
prologicyou write a set of cli-style commands (say in Python)00:12
prologicyou use docstrings for documentation00:12
prologicand standard argparse parsing00:12
prologiceach command you register gets rendered as a navbar item in teh webui via bootstrap00:13
prologicwhen you launch said command you get a generated form where you can enter various cli options/arguments00:13
pdurbinhmm. I might need to see it00:43
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robert_what's this10:06
robert_bootstrap layouts ftw10:07
prologicjust something I'm toying with atm with circuits.web10:08
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robert_neat. :D10:35
robert_prologic: when I'm done with this whole project and have the time to spare, we should look at writing a django-esque admin plug-in thing for circuits.web and stuff.10:51
prologicwhat'a a django-esque admin plugin?10:55
prologicI'm not even sure what I'm doing here btw10:55
prologicjust toying about atm10:55
prologicmainly because I'm frustated with webui design10:55
prologicBootstrap is great et all10:55
prologicbut it's all still too tedious10:55
prologicand time consuming10:55
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prologichey pdurbin12:16
prologicsome more improvements12:17
prologicI componentized rendering12:17
prologicand tested out intercepting the rendering process (albeit before the actual rendering occurs)12:17
pdurbinstill doesn't work from mobile. (not to be a downer) :)12:34
prologicwhat the whole thing12:34
prologicor just the jquery.terminal cli?12:34
pdurbinI can't type "help"12:34
prologicit's ok :)12:35
prologicso I'm finding all this view/controller stuff messy12:35
prologicand you tend to duplicate things12:36
prologicit's hard to keep a clear sepration from presentation and logic12:36
prologicknown issue btw apparently12:40
prologicany useful advice?12:40
prologicI guess what I'm trying to do now12:41
prologicis continue building up this mini-framework if you will12:41
prologicwith as much introspection as I can12:41
prologicso it's not such a PITA to build a simple web app12:41
pdurbinah. known issue12:43
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viteIf via friction I charge an object with static electricity, is that current AC or DC?20:42
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prologicmorn’n all23:19

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