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prologicpdurbin: morn'n00:46
prologicso… swapped out the theme for a nicer one01:02
prologicand I stripped out the cli stuff for now01:02
prologicno whwat? :)01:02
prologicI’m making this more and more (slowly) into (hopefully) a reuseable miniature webui/webapp framework of sorts01:03
prologicnext I’m thinking of componentizing and creating a self-contained package for auth01:04
prologicthat includes a login/logout template(s) and accompany js that does some kind of secure digest auth or similar01:05
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prologicpdurbin: ping?05:10
prologicimplemented componentiezed auth05:10
prologicwith overriding and pluggable authentication checks and failures05:11
prologicby way of just lisetning to auth[web]05:11
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pdurbinprologic: nice! did I mention that I'm working on pluggable auth?09:46
prologicno you did not12:18
prologicbut cool :)12:18
prologicone of the things I sometimes forget12:18
prologicis to use the patterns already well established12:18
prologici.e: in circuits12:18
prologicfor example12:19
prologicwhy setup function (or twisted) style callbacks12:19
prologicor make checking and failure functionality pluggable by way of providing custom functions12:19
prologicwhen you can simply override events12:19
pdurbinprologic: this is quite preliminary but please take a look at and
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