IRC Logs for #circuits Sunday, 2014-07-13

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prologicpdurbin, there we go04:03
prologicI've gotta fix that real soon04:03
prologicI have plans to make it a distirbuted logger04:03
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prologicDunno how you guys feel about this so far09:05
prologiclogin with admin:admin09:05
prologicCode at:
prologicFeedback appreciated09:05
*** koobs has joined #circuits10:40
kdbHi koobs10:40
*** koobs has quit IRC10:44
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pdurbinprologic: when I log in I'm taken to (500 error) where I see ERROR: (<class 'jinja2.exceptions.TemplateNotFound'>) favicon.ico.html13:28
*** Yama has joined #circuits16:52
kdbHeya yama16:52
Yamahi Bot16:52
*** eriknw has joined #circuits18:17
kdbHowdy eriknw18:17
prologichi eriknw22:01
prologicpdurbin, awesome :) nice bug with my "redirect to last view" when being forced to auth :)22:02
prologichi Yama22:02
Yamahi logic22:03

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