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prologicpdurbin: fixed by removing that feature :)00:25
prologicpdurbin: not really sure how that behavior can even work all that well without more metadata about what are valid views and what aren’t, etc00:25
prologicso now it’l just redirect to / if forced to login00:25
prologicI’m actually finding this little toy not too bad00:26
prologicbut I am a bit frustrated by one aspect so far00:26
prologicI’m not 100% sure about what should go into the python (circuits.web) side and what should go into the templates (Jinja2 + Bootstrap) side00:27
prologicRight now for example I have templated menu/nagivation links with defaults00:27
prologicbut can also be overridden by the python side by overriding the “menu” item in the context dictionary used to render templates00:27
prologicbut OTOH I’m of the opinoin that perhaps all view-type stuff (anything that’s displayed) should just be done in templates and the server/python side purely remain server-side behavior and “data” (none yet)00:28
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kdbYo robert_01:16
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prologicpdurbin: hmm?02:39
prologicno thoughts? :)02:39
pdurbingood bug fix :)02:40
pdurbinless is more02:40
prologicI try to follow that mantra in everything I do02:40
prologicyou know… this isn’t the first web app I’ve ever tried to write myself complete with webui02:40
prologicbut every time you sit down and design and write a new thing02:41
prologicthe hardest parts are the interactions and ui (I think)02:41
prologicI read a blog article about web application development and how it’s become a bit of an eliete thing with very few people actually being any good at it02:41
prologicand one developer piping up and challengine the rest of us to make it easier/easy for non-devleopers to be able to write web apps with ease02:42
pdurbinare you saying there's lots of crappy web apps out there? :)02:42
prologicthat’s precisely what I’m saying :)02:42
prologicwith what Iv’e done so far02:42
prologicI’m kind of leaning into the direction of componentizing many aspects of web apps that are both common and best practice02:43
prologicso an average user with very little programming knowlegd can write up a few components, write some basic “app logic” and ey presto02:43
prologicthing is though - such things do exist02:44
prologice.g: Django (Python), Symphonfy (PHP)02:44
prologicand many others02:44
prologicbut are they necessarily “easy” for an average non-developer?02:44
pdurbinmy four year old and I made an android app today in about 5 minutes with MIT's App Inventor :)02:44
prologicnow see that’s wonderful :)02:44
prologicwe need to build something like that for the web apps02:44
pdurbinof course, it was a copy and paste from a previous app I had made with her big sister02:44
pdurbin"pet the kitty to make it meow" became "pet the shark'02:45
pdurbin(she's into sharks)02:45
prologicvery nice02:48
prologicpdurbin: any thoughts on managing views and navigation?02:59
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kdbHey romster07:31
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kdbHi spaceone07:54
prologichey spaceone08:35
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kdbHeya fsx09:34
pdurbinI guess the navigation should be part of the view10:31
prologicI think so too12:05
prologicso you can control various aspects about it12:05
prologicand if we're building a webui that degrades gracefully - then ui behavior and logic should also go into the views/templates12:05
prologicWould anyone like to help me with these slides? :)15:21
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Yamaima making easy websites with flask and bootstrap XD15:26
prologicwebsites - sure15:28
prologicwebapps - no such thing as easy15:28
prologicat least not yet15:28
prologicyou've not tried circuits.web yet?15:29
Yamahm, what do you mean exactly with "webapps"? so every dynimac website would be a webapp?15:29
prologicby web app I mean15:29
prologicit's fairly straight forward to create a simple website15:30
prologicdynamic or not15:30
prologicas long as you're fairly decent with HTML/CSS15:30
prologicor just use Bootstrap :)15:30
Yamathats really easy15:30
prologicI myself find UI(s) of any kind painful and frustrating15:30
prologic^^^ I'm trying to build a minature framework for web apps15:31
prologicfor my own uses atm15:31
prologicbut just something I can reuse for consistency and reliability15:31
Yamanice^^ My website just gets some data from mysql, checks permissions and creates links and thunmbnails on his own^^15:32
prologicDemo of dataconv up on:
Yamastill, i dont really know what it does XD15:35
prologicnothing :)15:36
prologicat least not for any user15:36
prologicbut it handles sessions, logins, logouts15:36
prologicas well as navigation and views15:36
Yamahm, so with circuits, gunicorn or something like that wouldnt be neccessary, or?15:38
prologiccircuits.web is async15:38
prologicscales quite well actually15:38
Yamawhy cant flask himself this?15:38
prologicporting flask to circuits.web15:39
prologicwould be as easy as15:39
prologicsubclass Controller15:39
prologicwrite methods in place of regex-style routes15:39
prologicand run Server with your Root15:39
prologicSee: for many circuits.web examples and common use-cases15:39
Yamaya, epicmuffin showed me some of em15:40
prologicflask and bottle afaik are designed to be drop-in single python scripts15:42
prologicbut ihmo that's their only claim to fame :)15:42
prologiccircuits.web is a bit more feature-rich15:42
prologicbut with minimal boilerplate15:42
prologicit's built on circuits itself :)15:42
prologiccomponents ftw15:42
Yamaplanning to use/learn circuits^^15:43
prologicgreat :)15:43
prologiclet me know how I can help with that!15:43
Yamai will, thanks :)15:43
Yamaso uhm... dataconv would be for easy html templating?!15:43
prologicas you've no doubt gathered I'm presneting circuits at PyCon AU (Australia/Brisbane) this year15:43
prologicwell yeah you can think of dataconv as that15:44
prologicI may move this to at some point and rename it15:44
prologicthe useful bits so far are the15:44
prologicand Loginmanager15:44
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kdbHi osso19:14
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prologicmorn’n all23:57

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