IRC Logs for #circuits Tuesday, 2014-07-15

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kdbWelcome back robert_ :)03:20
kdbHeya ircnotifier03:20
kdbYo pdurbin03:20
kdbYo anunnaki03:20
kdbHowdy c45y03:20
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kdbYo chanserv03:23
prologichey Yama08:19
prologicI'm simplified my little demo app (framework if you will) down even further09:05
prologic~110 lines of code now09:05
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YamaI hate JavaScript ~.~21:46
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pdurbinYama: wat? why?22:20
Yamaugly XD22:21
Yamaim never get used to the syntax22:21
Yamagot it, somehow.. good night22:49
prologicI don’t :)23:09
prologicJavaScript is quite nice23:09
prologicI think what you hate about it is what everyone hates about it23:09
prologicthe inconsistencies between different implmentations of it23:09
prologicGoogle up: “JavaScript WAT?"23:10
pdurbinprologic: you're fine with scope in javascript?23:14
prologicyeah scope is fine23:24
prologicI’m actually fine with most things in Javascript23:24
prologicpure javascript that is :)23:24
prologicin fact I start my new job next Tues23:24
prologicNodeJS et all23:24
prologicpdurbin: got some thoughts if you will...23:25
prologicwhat do you think about static resources23:26
prologici.e: the stuff that powers your web app23:26
prologicjs, css, etc23:26
prologicvs say “views” (I hate the term)23:26
prologicstuff that actually makes up the web app’s ui/behavior/etc?23:26
prologicand authentication23:26
prologicright now for example the way the LoginManager component I wrote works23:26
prologicmeans that even static resources such as favicon.ico, js/*.js css/*.css etc etc all require authentication and force the user agent to redirect to /login23:27
pdurbinseems a little weird23:41
pdurbinI mean, at scale don't you want all those static resources on a cdn?23:42
prologicso what’s best practice around this?23:48
prologicI’m thinking…23:48
prologicLoginManager should have similar mechanisms to the Authentication Component I wrote earlier for Basic/Digest-style auth with it’s @requires_auth decorator per request handler23:49
prologicin fact I could apply such mechanisms to the Root.GET request handler as-is really23:49
prologicjust wondering whetehr @requires_auth should also apply to entire/whole controllers23:49
prologicclass Root(Controller):23:50
prologic   def index(...):23:50
prologic      …23:50
prologic   def foo(...):23:50
prologic      ...23:50
pdurbindepends on what the controller does, I guess23:51

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