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prologicall it really does is give you convenience00:21
prologicit’s the default Dispatcher in circuits.web that does all the routing to request handlers on Controller(s)00:22
prologici.e: Dispatcher listens for registered events and in particular Controller subclasses/instances00:22
prologicand uses this information to work out how/where to dspatch inbound request events to00:23
prologicso Controller(s) are just a way to conveniently group “request handlers” bound by some “path” (channel)00:23
pdurbinit routes requests00:24
prologicwell it houses request handlers00:29
prologicDispatcher routes requests :)00:29
prologicbut yeah00:29
pdurbinprologic: did you already compare circuits to django for me?00:31
prologicWould you like me to?00:55
prologicI can already give you two facts00:56
prologic1. circuits and circuits.web is a hell of a lot simpler and eaiser to understand and use00:56
prologic2. circuits and circuits.web plays a bit nicer with other libraires and tools and doesn’t force any particular ones on you00:56
prologicif I were to write up such a comparision01:13
prologicwhat would you want it to be like?01:13
pdurbinthat's enough for now. thanks02:27
prologicThe thing I don’t like abouy any framework02:31
prologicand yes circuits is such a thing02:31
prologicis the overheads and complexity usually involved02:32
prologicDjango is a beast :)02:32
prologicbut probably great if you want to quickly spin up some trivial app that fits it’s use-caes (80/20 rule)02:32
prologicnot so great if you want to be lean dna mean though :)02:32
pdurbinone wouldn't write irc bots in django :)02:33
prologicno not really :)02:36
prologicI like what a lot of these big mega frameworks have to offer02:36
prologicbut not their size and complexity02:36
prologicI like to pick and choose the best components for the job02:36
prologicI wonder how many dependencies vanilla Django pulls in02:37
prologicDjango publishes a Python Wheel02:38
prologicso it has everything prebundled02:38
prologicwait wtf02:39
prologicdjango pulls in no deps?02:39
prologicdjango is like circuits02:42
prologicit bundles everything it uses and needs02:42
prologicyeah we’ve been doing the same since for ever :)02:44
prologicno mandatory dependencies02:44
prologicbit harsh02:46
prologicbut I kind of agree02:46
prologiclarge/mega frameworks all suffer (generally speaking) from teh same problem02:46
prologicreuseability and composabilty02:46
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prologiceven'n all09:25
Yamahi logic09:26
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prologichi Yama11:04
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prologichey Osso12:59
prologicwhat you up to?13:01
Ossofighting with puppet13:08
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prologicblessed be puppet13:32
prologicthe most awesomest config management ever13:32
prologicoh wait13:32
prologicit's just a DSL13:32
prologicAnsible is nice :P13:32
prologicI kind of like both Ansible and Fabric for me needs13:33
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qwebirc18073hi! really new here. Just found this great piece of code today.13:43
qwebirc18073was reading some examples, but sometimes get confused: how is that in the "read" method is associated with incoming data from client?13:46
prologichi qwebirc1807313:49
prologicmethods on components are decorated with @handler by default13:50
prologicwhen you subclass from Component13:50
prologicif you subclass from BaseCompoent13:50
prologicyou'd have to be explicit about this and use:13:50
prologicdef _on_read(...):13:50
prologic   ...13:50
prologicit's purely convenience13:50
qwebirc18073ah. ok. there is some magic here. Will read documentation better. very thanks.13:53
prologichi jpenny13:54
prologicqwebirc18073, not magic :)13:54
prologicit should be all in the docs13:55
qwebirc18073yes. found now.13:55
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prologicjpenny, I deleted those lines from the logs13:57
prologicyou're lucky I'm a nice guy :)13:57
prologicall gone13:57
qwebirc18073really interested so... seems very useful to my project. I'm building a domitic system. to control heating, monitor power usage and so on. I'm looking for a system to connect the "domotic side" with an android app.13:58
qwebirc18073"domotic system"13:59
prologicyou're not the first to use circuits for this13:59
prologicand I'm building a similar project myself with Arduino devices, circutis and circuits.web13:59
prologicand probably a Raspberry Pi13:59
qwebirc18073:) mine is with hardware similar to raspberry14:00
prologicso we've written two fairly good tutorials on circuits here14:01
prologichopefully we'll add a 3rd before long14:01
qwebirc18073at time raspberry didn't exist. But I used a similar.14:01
qwebirc18073well! very interested. maybe circuits wold be very usefull also in the "core" part of domotic, but I didn't found it at that time.14:02
qwebirc18073so now I was thinking about extend my core part with circutis to add "connectivity". then I was thinking to create a kivy app and use also here circuts for the connectivity between the two.14:04
prologicabsolutely nothing stopping you14:07
prologicin fact it's quite ideal really14:07
prologicembedded circuits in a Kivy app should be trivial too14:07
prologicsince circuits has no external dependeices14:07
prologicor any C-extensions14:07
prologicall pure python14:07
qwebirc18073ok. will read in few spare time the documentation.. .before asking silli questions...14:08
qwebirc18073uh. really bad written... obv. "silly"... hope understand my poor english.14:09
prologicnot much to know really14:09
prologicI'll give you the quick run down :)14:09
prologicthese are your main building blocks14:09
prologicfire, call, wait14:09
prologicregister, unregister14:09
prologicstart, stop, run14:10
prologicNB: these are methods of all components14:10
prologicclass Foo(Event):14:10
prologic   """Foo Event"""14:10
qwebirc18073uh.. too early to me.. just read a bit some docs and example. only a question: I saw circuits and circuits.web.14:13
qwebirc18073what is better to look first?14:13
qwebirc18073is websocket part of circuit.web?14:14
prologicwell up to you14:14
prologicbut circutis.web is built on top of circuits14:14
prologicyes circuits.web has a websockets dispatcher14:14
qwebirc18073ok. well! It's time to me to start reading the doc. Sure I'll ask your help in future. Was a pleasure to find this sw and meeting you!14:17
prologicno problems14:19
prologichappy to help14:19
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jpennyprolog, thanks, but I already changed. passwords.   This is 2nd or third time I have done this.  Screen saver not on, not awake enough to nitice  :-(14:46
jpennySo I use a different password on this machine to make it easier to throw away.14:46
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prologicmorn'n all20:35
Yamahi logic21:28
prologicnight :)23:01
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