IRC Logs for #circuits Tuesday, 2014-07-22

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kdbYo clixx_io01:06
clixx_IOGood morning01:07
clixx_IOwhat's happening there?01:11
clixx_IOI've just been using the notify class thing to debug some code01:12
clixx_IO@prologic: I checked the presentation01:28
kdbUnknown Command: prologic:01:28
clixx_IOprologic: I checked the presentation01:28
clixx_IOI think you need to add some diagrams01:28
clixx_IOactually, what your whole project is lacking is diagrams and pictures01:29
clixx_IOtext and whitespace is very hard on the eyes01:29
clixx_IOAnyway, I'm just trying to go trhough and document my event-framework also01:42
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kdbHowdy robert_03:54
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kdbHowdy jpenny04:28
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prologiceven'n all08:48
*** Yama has joined #circuits09:55
kdbHowdy yama09:55
pdurbinprologic: hope you had a good first day11:04
*** qwebirc9732 has joined #circuits17:19
kdbHeya qwebirc973217:19
qwebirc9732hey, i got a question using the jsoncontroller.17:20
qwebirc9732it seems like it is not possible to use the yield fire(event) syntax to wait for an event.17:23
qwebirc9732i get a ERROR: (<type 'exceptions.TypeError'>) <generator object status at 0x7ff3d681c0a0> is not JSON serializable17:23
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*** tuxx has joined #circuits19:05
kdbHeya tuxx19:05
prologicpdurbin, thanks dude :)20:53
prologicappreciate that20:53
prologicit wasn't too bad20:53
prologicsame job, same set of problems20:53
prologicdifferent office, different people20:53
pdurbinall javascript. no python21:04
prologicI'm afraid :)21:09
prologicnah it's all good21:09
prologicturns out I'm quite adept at Javascript21:09
prologicwell so far anyway :)21:09
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robert_prologic: I'm thinking about splitting apps off into subprocesses.. I don't think Circuits would work across a boundary like that, right?22:01
prologicrobert_: of course it will23:16
prologicuse Bridge :)23:16
robert_oh, Bridge., Herp.23:18
robert_Bridge.. **23:18

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