IRC Logs for #circuits Thursday, 2014-07-24

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kdbYo qwebirc168708:37
qwebirc1687so I was trying the example ""09:01
qwebirc1687yesterday. got an error on "from import TCPClient, Connect"09:02
qwebirc1687then I saw in
qwebirc1687"from import TCPClient, connect"09:03
qwebirc1687maybe in  "Connect" would be "connect"...09:05
prologicqwebirc1687, hi09:09
prologicqwebirc1687, did you download circuits from pypi?09:10
qwebirc1687mmm.. I think so09:10
prologicuse the dev branch :)09:10
prologicwe'll try to publish a 3.0 proper soon09:10
prologichopefully before PyConAU09:10
prologicbasically next weekend :)09:10
qwebirc1687I'm a bit confused now... there is pypi, github and bitbucket09:11
prologicpypi is generally speaking a place to publish python packages09:12
qwebirc1687wow. hope will great at PyConAU!09:12
prologicin "published" form09:12
prologici.e: tarballs, eggs, etc09:12
prologicgithub/bitbucket are code hosting services09:12
prologichg clone
prologiccd circuits09:12
prologicpython develop09:12
prologicpip install -e hg+
prologicanyway in circuits 3.0 in the library09:13
qwebirc1687ok.. now clear.09:13
prologicall events are lowedcase09:13
qwebirc1687used sometimes github, but never bitbucket. Are 2 separated repos? are used in "parallel"?09:14
qwebirc1687so can I use one or the other?09:15
qwebirc1687is one for mercurial the other for git?09:17
qwebirc1687ok. downloaded from but seems that "connect" in is misspelled also here...09:28
qwebirc1687btw.. I think circuits is really great.10:11
prologicqwebirc1687, we mirrow to github11:20
prologicbut we primarily use bitbucket11:20
prologicqwebirc1687, examples/ works fine for me here :)11:21
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qwebirc1687ATT!! not ircbot but ircclient....11:37
qwebirc1687ircbot was always fine also to me.11:39
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kdbYo prologic_11:50
prologic_qwebirc1687 it works now :)11:50
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prologicpushing the fix now11:51
prologicsorry :)11:51
prologicseems some examples didn't get updated11:51
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circuits_github[circuits] therealprologic pushed 1 new commit to master:
circuits_githubcircuits/master 82c6735 James Mills: Fixed ircclient example (Opps)11:51
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qwebirc1687ok. thanks. Really like this project and would like to contribuite as I can...11:54
qwebirc1687are you very busy with the pyconau?11:55
prologicI'm mostly done with the slides11:57
prologicjust have to practice and present it11:57
prologichopefully it goes well :)11:57
prologicfirst time for me!11:57
qwebirc1687It will be great, I'm sure!12:00
prologicI hope so :)12:06
ZimskyI imagine presenting a pycon talk is a lot more fun than a 5 minute speech on something from english class back in school12:31
prologiclet's hope so ;)12:36
Zimskylooking forward to seeing your talk12:56
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kdbHey qwebirc7881913:06
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kdbHey spaceone15:39
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prologicmorn'n all21:00
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kdbWelcome back robert_ :)23:21

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