IRC Logs for #circuits Saturday, 2014-07-26

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kdbYo zimsky01:18
Zimskyyo me01:48
Zimskywhy did my bouncer disconn :(01:48
prologicwhat bouncer do you use?01:51
anunnakido i need a special solder to bond a copper wire another piece of copper?02:11
anunnakiim soldering two led chip strips together02:11
anunnakiprobably not the most appropriate channel to ask in.. but figured id try since ##electronics is kinda quiet02:12
Romsterjust 60/40 tin lead with resin flux core02:20
Romsteror that stuff without lead for general soldering02:21
Zimskyprologic: znc09:41
Zimskyneed to either use my other box which has the latest, 1.4 or something, or update this box09:42
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