IRC Logs for #circuits Monday, 2014-07-28

prologiconly 4 days away for me00:30
prologicI’d better start praticing somewhat my slides and talk00:31
prologicand remember wtf I’m going to talk about00:31
*** koobs has joined #circuits02:29
kdb_Welcome back koobs :)02:29
*** edk has joined #circuits10:11
kdb_Hi edk10:11
*** Amelie has joined #circuits12:30
kdb_Hi amelie12:30
*** Amelie has left #circuits ()12:30
*** realzies has joined #circuits18:42
*** TroyDL has joined #circuits21:00
kdb_Howdy troydl21:00
TroyDLIs this a good place to ask basic circuitry questions?21:01
prologicTroyDL, not really21:04
prologicsorry :)21:04
prologictry ##electronics21:04
TroyDLCool, thanks21:05
*** TroyDL has left #circuits ()21:05
*** Ciphers has joined #circuits23:31
kdb_Heya ciphers23:31
prologicmorn’n all23:58
Ciphersanyone familiar with signal and frequencies23:59
Ciphersi have a question regarding how to calculate the signal strenght/power from a sine wave23:59

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