IRC Logs for #circuits Tuesday, 2014-07-29

prologicYou might want to try ##electronics00:04
prologicthis channeli is about a python framework called circuits00:05
prologicsorry for the confusion00:05
robert_prologic: is there a way I can discover the modules/packages in one _success handler and actually load everything in a separate _success handler?00:06
Ciphersthanks prologic00:07
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kdb_Howdy zimsky--00:08
robert_prologic: like, I've got two events- query_module() and discover(); query_module() should merely find out about what's there, and the modules can be loaded after you're done discover()'ing what add-ins/plug-ins/modules exist in your environment..00:09
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prologicrobert_: fire an event :)00:38
prologicit’s just about orchestrating your events00:38
prologicentirely up to you :)00:38
robert_so, you, which goes and looks up everything; the problem is discover() uses query_module() to do the figuring out of what's what04:16
robert_I need to get the data back into discover() without another event.04:16
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prologicrobert_: use call/wait sync primitives05:30
prologicif one event depend son another05:30
prologicyou should wait for it to complete05:30
prologicor create a chain of events05:30
robert_oh, okay. instead of fire(), I would just call() it?05:32
robert_or, wait.. how would that look between two events?05:34
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kdb_Welcome back koobs :)05:49
prologicrobert_: what do you mean?06:18
robert_what would call/wait primitives between two events look like? (not really a threading person, lol.)06:20
prologicthis has nothing to do with threading :)08:16
prologiccall/wait essentially creates a coroutine of the event handler08:16
prologicand call/wait do exactly what their names suggest08:16
prologicx = yield
prologic# x will then be the result of firing foo and the result(s) of any event handlers handling foo08:17
robert_oh, yield.15:48
robert_Oh, I see that.15:49

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