IRC Logs for #circuits Thursday, 2014-07-31

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kdb_Hello david04:24
Davidoops, wrong channel.04:24
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kdb_Welcome back koobs :)11:34
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kdb_Yo anunnaki13:15
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kdb_Welcome back spaceone :)13:15
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kdb_Welcome back realzies :)13:16
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kdb_Welcome back romster :)13:43
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kdb_Howdy olabaz18:54
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kdb_Welcome back edk :)22:14
prologicmorn’n al22:34
*** angelbroz has joined #circuits23:02
kdb_Hi angelbroz23:02
angelbrozhi kdb_ , bot?23:02
prologichi angelbroz23:17
prologicmorn’n all :)23:17
prologicpdurbin: presentation tomorrow ;)23:17
prologic1400 AEST23:17
prologicyikes ;)23:18
pdurbinthink positive thoughts23:35
prologicI’m sure we’ll btoh be fine23:35
prologicI plan on just winging it mostly23:35
prologicI mean if I don’t know how to present circuits or know what I’m talking about23:36
prologicwhat hope do I have :P23:36
pdurbinright, right, you're talking about something you know something about. lucky23:37
prologicand you’re not?23:38
prologicyou’re talking about something you know too23:38
prologicand oyu’re talking from experience iirc23:39
prologicso you’ll be fine :)23:39

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