IRC Logs for #circuits Friday, 2014-08-01

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kdb_Hi ircnotifier00:33
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kdb_Hello bloody_01:57
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kdb_Hi kdb02:40
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prologiceven'n all08:41
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kdbHeya anunnaki13:16
kdb_Welcome back anunnaki :)13:16
prologicwtf oh13:18
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prologickdb_, nick kdb13:37
prologickdb, uptime13:38
kdbUptime: 11+4:48:41 (CPU: 2665.33s 0.28%)13:38
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kdbWelcome back zimsky :)18:49
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kdbWelcome back robert_ :)19:20
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kdbHowdy epicmuffin19:27
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kdbHowdy yama|off22:19
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prologicPyCOnAU time23:48
prologicmy talk is at 2pm AEST23:48
prologicI'm going to try and release circuits 3.0 today too23:48
pdurbinhow many hours from now is that?23:50
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