IRC Logs for #circuits Saturday, 2014-08-02

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kdbWelcome back romster :)02:48
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kdbHey techdragon05:20
prologicpdurbin, all over :)09:39
prologicsorry left quite a few hours ago for the conf09:39
prologictalk went well-ish bit of a rough start09:39
prologicfew q's at the end which was good09:39
prologicand a laugh :)09:39
Zimskyhelped me understand circuits though09:41
Zimskyand I suppose that's really what matters09:41
prologichey Zimsky09:43
prologicit was a good experience09:43
prologicand well worth it09:43
prologicThanks for your questions too!09:44
Zimskyno problem09:44
Zimskyit was also partially to meet you in person too09:44
prologicahh :)09:47
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pdurbinprologic: good job11:16
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kdbWelcome back koobs :)11:41
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prologicpdurbin, thanks :)22:09
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kdbWelcome back angelbroz :)22:13

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