IRC Logs for #circuits Sunday, 2014-08-03

prologichi angelbroz01:53
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kdbWelcome back realzies :)08:19
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kdbWelcome back edk :)22:33
prologicmorn’n all23:13
prologichey Zimsky23:40
Zimskyshould have stayed for the sprints23:42
prologicwho me?23:56
Zimskyi'm there now23:57
Zimskyit's quite fun23:57
prologicnah I have work to do23:58
prologicmy work has not sponsoered me to go to PyCOn23:58
prologicand they’re a NodeJS shop anyway ;)23:58
prologicSo I could really only have gone the Sat23:58
prologicwould have loved to have though23:58

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