IRC Logs for #circuits Tuesday, 2014-08-05

prologichi clixx-io00:32
prologicthat’s okay :)00:32
prologicit went well despite being my first talk :)00:32
prologicgot a laugh and a few questions00:32
prologicso all good :)00:32
clixx-ioI'm looking for a way to use circuits to drive a serial port00:34
clixx-ioI know the class is there, but can't find an example00:34
clixx-iobtw, I have circuits in production here00:45
clixx-ioon a program, I watch for file closes, then use that information to submit those files as jobs00:46
clixx-ioThe problem before was it's easy to detect file creates, but what's more important is file closes00:47
clixx-iobecause programs shouldn't touch the files for reading until the file is completely written and then closed.00:47
prologicyeah I might try and write a simple example of using the Serial Component at home01:05
prologicmaybe tonight01:05
prologicwith some Arduinos I have01:05
prologicit’s not that hard though01:05
prologicit has the same interface/events as File or any of the socket components’01:06
prologicread/write events01:06
clixx-iowell I still can't understand some of those yet.01:35
clixx-ioNext question:01:39
clixx-ioa program:01:39
clixx-io    def loop(self):01:39
clixx-io        #keep connected to broker01:40
clixx-io        while self.mqttc.loop() == 0:01:40
clixx-io            pass01:40
clixx-ioif __name__ == "__main__":01:40
clixx-io    mon = ChannelMonitor()01:41
clixx-io    mon.loop()01:41
clixx-iook, loop works01:41
clixx-iobut how would I build that in?01:41
clixx-ioor would I just add a timer to check loop()01:42
clixx-ioin circuits: there is just:01:42
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prologiccheck the code base for generate_events02:00
prologice.g: circuits/core/tiemrs.py02:00
prologicand circuits/core/pollers.py02:01
prologicyou want to create an event source02:01
clixx-ioah ok02:06
clixx-iowell here is the idea for a 'useful' arduino example using the serial port02:07
clixx-io"python serial_display /dev/ttyACM0 115200"02:08*02:08
clixx-iodo you know what it does?02:08
clixx-iobtw: Does circuits timers work in Windows?02:21
clixx-ioI'm trying to use the Timer Class but it's not working02:40
prologicyeah sure02:43
prologicso the example will be a serial display monitor02:43
prologicre Timers - yes should do02:43
clixx-ioall you need is something to dump the receive serial characters from the port02:47
clixx-ioI know you are a good coder, better than me, but I have the serial port argument parsing nutted out and you can utilise some code to shorten development time02:49
clixx-iosee if you can use code from lines 200 on02:50
clixx-ioif you want03:04
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kdbHello ircnotifier20:50
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kdbHowdy osso22:15
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kdbHi romster23:46
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kdbHi clixx_io23:48
clixx_IOHi prologic: any luck with the serial code?23:57

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