IRC Logs for #circuits Wednesday, 2014-08-06

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kdbHeya workster00:04
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prologicclixx_IO: hi00:39
prologicclixx_IO: sorry I’ve been ill with a cold since last Friday00:39
prologicMind if I try to invest the time this weekend?00:39
prologichopefully I’ll be well and trurly better by than00:39
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kdbHello workster_01:21
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kdbHi workster__01:22
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kdbHello anunnaki_04:58
clixx_IOYou were talking to a robot06:06
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kdbHello robert_|disconne07:57
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kdbYo ninkotech__08:33
prologichi anunnaki08:51
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kdbYo zimsky08:54
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