IRC Logs for #circuits Monday, 2014-08-11

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circuits_github[circuits] therealprologic pushed 2 new commits to master:
circuits_githubcircuits/master 8f0b101 Vlad Leverstein: Added "__format__" method to circuits.web.wrappers.HTTPStatus. Fixes Issue #10603:23
circuits_githubcircuits/master 0ea154e James Mills: Code Cleanup03:23
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prologicbed time shortly15:53
prologicjust hacked up an ircd (irc server) using circuits15:53
prologicand hopefully greatly improved the irc protocol in circuits.protocols15:53
prologiconly took a few hours :)15:53
prologicany willing volunteers to test it out? :)15:53
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prologicmorn'n all21:05

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