IRC Logs for #circuits Tuesday, 2014-08-12

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prologichey Workster03:31
Worksterhi prologic05:20
Worksteris at work and ya know it's Romster right.05:20
Worksteris their any chance you could do a some work on spyda?05:39
Worksteradd in the alternative responses ; delimited for mime type.05:40
Worksteradd in a proper tree style depth so a starting point of then only goes down max levels deep on same host. like depth 2 would be
Worksterand i forgot the 3rd one...05:41
Worksteroh now i remember, don't look up mime types for known file extensions like tar.* would be a massive speed up.05:42
Worksterthe biggest slowdown is searching them active directory urls as well. that i had to add to a blacklist.05:43
Worksterif i had that it would greatly simplify and speed up my work on versionsort.com05:43
Worksterthough i've been very busy lately05:44
prologicahh yes05:44
prologicpoor ol spyda05:44
Worksterbut if your busy i do have a friend that does python that could probably do those mods05:44
prologicthat slow ass pos :)05:44
Worksteryeah its way too slow but it nearly does what i need.05:45
Worksteralso new buterfulsoup version is out not sure if its an advantage to move to that or not05:46
Worksterhows work been anyways?05:47
prologicwork is work :)05:47
prologicyeah spyda uses lxml05:47
prologicwhich in turn uses bs4 I think05:47
Worksteri'm between jobs except a litlte malware atm05:47
prologicyou see in the logs I hacked up a quick ircd in circuits?05:48
Worksterah so if lxml can use bs5 then it wont be much effort05:48
Worksteri read up05:48
Worksterircds arn't that hard to make did them ages ago.05:49
Worksteri had some neat ideas that i never tested out that arn't standards compilent05:49
prologicmaybe you might get your chance :)05:50
prologicit's only 300 lines of code right now05:50
prologicbut supports basic connectivity, nicks and channels05:50
prologicI'm calling it charla05:50
prologicand will put it up as a simple example in circuits' examples/ dir05:51
prologicthen continue working on charla separately (I think)05:51
prologicwas planning on using redis and redisco (Object Mapper) to model and store data05:51
Worksterwell 2 big things i wanted to try out was channel/servr logging for x seconds so for short interruptions, client didn't lose any text to /dev/null05:51
prologicand have the same kind of flexibility and configurability as kdb05:52
Worksterhad a neat start servrer network with timestamping idea.05:52
prologicI think that could be done fairly easily via redis :)05:52
prologica sort of bnc by default for clients05:52
prologicbut I was going to build such things as plugins05:52
Worksteryeah but just for like a minute not forever cyclic log that overwrites itself after set time.05:53
Worksterprobably makes the server work that much harder though. but channels are one log each channel.05:54
Worksterirc names was another thing i wanted todo first last name handles so there could be more than one charlie or david on the network but per a channel names had to be unique. so david!r@foo (like who uses a ident server now so reuse !surname@)05:56
Worksterplugins are always nice with a event driven model05:57
Worksterexcept for core functionality05:57
Worksterbut i only had a ton of ideas though.05:58
Worksteri'm going t start using mongodb on with spyda and store results and some php to display the results due to a search05:59
Worksterbut i really need a spyda that's faster and easier to command. with depth.06:00
prologicWorkster, would you mind testing your irc client on ?06:21
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prologichow do I get my little ircd thrashed a bit08:37
prologicI wanna give it a good real test08:37
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Yamaoh... ima just making my irc daily like yours prologic XD21:56
prologicYama, hi :)22:11
prologiclooks like someone or something connected to my little irc server22:11
prologicbut their nick is None22:11
prologicuser and host is ""22:12
Yamamy code is rather fishy, but hopfully it will work XD22:12
Yamadats nice XD22:12
prologicI guess I should start putting code/features in that discard bad clients22:12
prologicwhat you working on?22:12
Yamaimproving dis22:12
Yamaand i plan to convert it to circuits.... but that will be much effort... ._.22:13
prologiccharla_1 | [] -> 'USER testprobe * * :Just an Internet IRC survey22:13
prologiccharla_1 | [] <- ':localhost 001  :Welcome to the Test IRC Networ22:13
prologiccharla_1 | [] <- ':localhost 002  :Your host is localhost running22:13
prologiccharla_1 | [] <- ':localhost 422  :MOTD file is missing\r\n'22:13
prologiccharla_1 | [] <- ':None!*@* JOIN #circuits\r\n'22:13
prologiccharla_1 | [] <- ':None!*@* JOIN #circuits\r\n'22:13
prologiclooks like an irc probe/scanner22:14
prologicit's not really very valid to join a channel if you're not properly registered if I remember the specs right22:14
prologicthe agent issued USER22:14
prologicbut no NICK22:14
prologichave you seen the example bot in circuits?22:17
prologicand kdb?22:17
Yamaima looking for it.... cant find XD22:17
prologicit's easy to port that to circuits22:17
Yamasounds good22:17
Yamai have bloodys example22:17
Yamaand i wanna have finally multiserver XD22:18
Yamajaraco irc lacks massive on documentation22:18
Yamaoh the examples are only on bitbucket22:20
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prologicwe mirror to github too22:22
prologicif you prefer22:22
prologicbut yeah I'd recommend you just take the example from circuits' examples dir22:22
prologicand go from there22:22
Yamai was searching between the docs22:22
prologickdb is very elaborate and full featured22:22
prologicand very pluggable22:23
prologicso it might be a bit much to learn from22:23
prologicoh he doesn't seem to be online atm22:23
prologicbut the source is here:22:23
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prologicthere it is22:24
prologickdb, commands *22:24
kdbNo commands for * or * is not loaded22:24
prologickdb, commands22:24
kdbAll available commands: load rehash plugins reload unload google uptime errors mstats graph inspect version nstats events cstats info commands help status say hello spell rlog channels part join host resolve weather timer sum eval beat itime status quit die ircinfo jump nick rplugins read rdel radd rlist22:24
prologickdb, plugins22:24
kdbPlugins: google help channels weather web stats ctcp dnstools irc core xmlrpc spell broadcast eval swatch rss jsonrpc greeting rmessage timers rplugins hello22:24
prologicbut I recommend the simpler example in examples/22:24
Yamayep, found it already, thx22:24
Yamai guess i dont need the module requests if i circuits22:26
Yamai need just a http post22:26
Yamafrom circuits.web.client import request22:27
prologicyou can use requests just fine with circuits22:27
prologicor yes22:27
prologicyou can use the builtin web client :)22:27
prologicit's not as good (yet) as requests22:27
prologicbut it works22:27
prologicand it'a async22:27
Yamajust need it for joking around^^22:28
Yama0:30 AM.... shall i start do convert? XD22:32
prologicsure why not22:33
prologicfrom the looks of the complexity of the code22:33
prologicand the example in circuits22:33
prologictake you what; an hour? :)22:33
prologicif that22:33
prologicit's mostly about componentizing22:33
prologicand eventing22:33
prologicthen figuring out what components you'll build and how they'll interact22:33
Yamaya, the most part is copy/paste and removing old modules code22:34
Yamacant i make both instances like:22:39
YamaBot("", channel="foo").register(bot)22:39
Yamainstead of splitting the first on up?22:39
prologicsorry what do you mean?22:43
Yamathe first Bot instance's channel is on line 2322:45
Yamabut the commented Bot instance is complete in one line22:45
Yamaline 7822:45
prologicahh yes22:49
prologicthat's an example of running two instnaces at the same time22:49
prologicin a single process22:49
prologicwhereby you separate them by "channels"22:49
Yamathe "channels" arent the channels, to join, or? they are like.. naming the instances22:50
Yamahmz, no virtualenv on py3.422:51
prologicnaming an instnace22:57
prologiccircuits should work on py3.4 just fine22:57
prologicbut you'll want to use the dev version22:57
prologicthe upcoming 3.0 :)22:57
prologicpip install -e hg+
Yamaoh :O22:58
Yamameh... virtualenv version conficts23:01
prologicworks fine :)23:04
prologicjust tried it :)23:04
Yamai didnt even came to install circuits XD23:05
Yamaeven pip of py2.7 and py3.3 have a confict with the pip of py3.423:05
Yamasame goes for virtualenv23:05
prologicyou have to use pyvenv from python3.423:06
prologiclike I showed23:06
prologicor in general23:06
prologicyou have to have 3.4 versions of pip/virtualenv23:06
prologicyou can't use 2.7 ones23:06
prologicthey'll conflict23:06
Yamayaya, thats what im doing23:06
prologicanyway I'll bbl23:06
prologictaking family out to the beach23:06
Yamabai and thx23:06
prologicgood luck!23:06
Yamamy pip doesnt knows the hg23:14
prologicpip install mercurial23:16
prologicand it will :)23:16
prologicor install from your system package manager23:16
prologicapt-get install mercurial23:16
prologicyum install mercurial23:16
prologiccya later23:16
Yamai no root x)23:21
Yamathx cya23:21
YamaCouldn't import standard bz2 (incomplete Python install).23:26
Yamaim doodmed today23:27

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