IRC Logs for #circuits Wednesday, 2014-08-13

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kdbHey jensenr3000:21
JensenR30hi kdb01:03
JensenR30is this IRC about a program called circuits?01:03
JensenR30Or, I guess you are calling it an "Application Framework"...01:04
Yamaya i guess01:07
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kdbHowdy sapiosexual07:40
sapiosexualHeyo kdb07:41
prologichi sapiosexual07:46
prologicnevermind the bot :)07:47
sapiosexualprologic, Ah, thanks :P07:47
prologicwhat can we do for you?07:56
sapiosexualNothing yet, thanks, I'm lurking while I get myself oriented; I tend to lose track of anything I don't sit in a channel for08:12
prologicwell as long as you're in the right place :)08:13
prologiccircuits the Python Application Framework :)08:13
sapiosexualYup :D08:13
prologicoh good :)08:13
prologicin that case welcome!08:13
prologicI'm the crazy idiot behind circuits obviously :)08:13
sapiosexualNice work getting on readthedocs08:14
sapiosexualwas nodejs much of an inspiration?08:15
prologicumm no not at all08:15
prologicin fact I'm very new to nodejs myself08:16
prologicrecently in a new job where my company is a nodejs shop basically08:16
sapiosexualah; I've only just been learning it too08:16
prologicbefore that lots of Python and Web HTML/JS jobs08:16
sapiosexualfirst heard about it a year and a half ago, I just couldn't figure out what to do with it08:17
prologiccircuits' inspiration came from my professor and his work back in my undergraduate days on behavior trees and genetic software engineering08:17
prologicI presented circuits at PyConAU 2014 this year08:17
sapiosexualfound myself writing a sitemap generator in python since all the nodejs ones were a mess to actually use08:17
prologicperhaps you'd be interested in seeing the sldies08:17
prologicand/or the video :)08:17
sapiosexualI would be, yes, thanks08:17
prologicit was my first presentation so be kind :)08:17
sapiosexual(Protip: Toastmasters does help!)08:18
prologicSlides: pycon.circuitsframework.com08:18
prologicsapiosexual> first heard about it a year and a half ago, I just couldn't figure out what to do with it <-- it's more of a framework to help architect your software to cope with complex and changing requirements08:19
prologicit doesn't do anything in particular as such :)08:19
prologicmaybe a nicer more elegant version of Twisted? :)08:20
prologichehe let's not be harsh :)08:20
prologicbut that's what everyone I come across says Twisted is well just Twisted :)08:20
sapiosexualThe greatest benefit for node seems to be for webdevs who already know javascript, and front end design, and want to start using it for backends too08:20
prologicthat's the impression I get to08:21
sapiosexualI'd never done anything with javascript/html/css at the time, so it struck me as useless at the time08:21
prologicthing is I actually dno't really like node all that much08:21
prologicJS itself is a nice language08:21
prologicif only browsers actually implemented it consistently08:21
prologicgoogle up "javascript ruby wat?"08:21
prologicfunny video!08:22
sapiosexualthen I tried running a server, went through apache, python's built-in server, etc08:22
sapiosexualPHP turned me to node :P08:22
prologicI prefer Python over almost anything and have done for almost 10 years08:22
sapiosexualI detest php08:22
prologicfor many reasons08:22
prologicstrong ecosystem, easy to use langauge08:22
sapiosexualI always come back to python08:22
prologicpowerful and flexible with the right amount of simplicity08:22
prologicand the productivty vs. performance is for me "just right"08:22
sapiosexual^Perfect for my sitemap generator08:23
prologicI've done PHP too08:23
sapiosexualwhy rewrite such a simple thing in node when I can call up a python script? :P08:23
prologichorrible language poorly designed08:23
sapiosexualIt feels like a half-good idea done terribly wrong08:24
sapiosexualserver-side scripting could have gone so much better08:24
sapiosexualbut when I there were intelligent people recommending things like php for inserting dates for the copyright notice in footers08:25
prologicso just to be clear (watch the video, read the slides)08:25
sapiosexualwell, that's just insane08:25
prologicand the docs are pretty good these days08:25
prologicyou should use anytime you're writing your next web app08:25
prologicor your next server/service of any/some kind08:25
sapiosexualshould there be only 5 slides?08:25
prologicbasically anything that does I/O08:25
prologicor interacts with systems08:25
sapiosexualOH, wait, no, I figured out the slide system08:25
sapiosexualinvisible forward/back buttons08:26
prologicyes :)08:26
prologicI think you can hit 't' to see all of them in an overview08:26
sapiosexualI was trying to middle-click and slide around :P08:26
sapiosexualooh, yes, that helps, thanks08:26
prologicI used hieroglyph to build them08:26
sapiosexualmakes a huge difference08:26
prologica sphinx extension that does a fairly nice job of slides08:27
Zimskyoh damn I thought that was a tool for some sort of egyptian hieroglyph parsing08:51
sapiosexualZimsky, That would be neat; if you come across such a tool do share please08:54
sapiosexualprologic, So, that wasn't bad; and the live demo at least worked08:56
sapiosexualI've got a better idea how to start toying with circuits now; glad you mentioned the internal debugger keeping track of all events08:57
Zimskywho knows, maybe you can use nltk with unicode hieroglyphics08:58
sapiosexualI foresee that nipping in the bud some future nightmares08:58
sapiosexualZimsky, I'd like to see a software based attempt at reinterpreting the rosetta stone08:59
Zimskythat would be very cool09:00
sapiosexualNot much to gain from it, but it'd certainly show off in a striking way how far the software's come09:00
sapiosexualbest press I could imagine for progress in natural langue processing09:00
Zimskyfrom another perspective it would be amazing to see two things of such time separation coming together09:01
prologicsapiosexual, haha I appreciate your kind words :)09:14
prologichopefully you get better at presentations as you do more of them :)09:14
sapiosexualprologic, Next year, Defcon!09:18
sapiosexualI'm sure there's some terrible way to use circuits that that crowd would appreciate :P09:20
YamaYo prologic09:48
Yamaany idea why i cant import bz2?09:48
Yamathe file exists, but as the script tries to import _bz2, it failes -> does not exists09:48
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kdbHowdy ninkotech__09:52
prologicspaceone, haha you mean like build some kind of large distributed scanner/surveillance tool? :)09:53
prologicYama, you need libbzip and libbzip-devel packages installed probably09:54
prologicdepending on your system packages09:54
Yamamust be -devel?09:54
Yamaii  lib32bz2-1.009:55
Yamaii  libbz2-1.0:amd6409:55
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kdbHeya leux10:07
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Yamaii  bzip210:58
Yamaii  libzip210:58
Yamaii  libzip-dev10:58
Yamaii  libzzip-dev10:58
Yamado i really need one with double B?10:58
Yamamaybe libbz2-dev is missing10:59
Yamait works fine on my Rasp Pi and only libbz2-dev seems to missing on the root11:00
Yamaand my $PATH looks fine, too11:06
prologicYama, sorry what's the problem atm?11:24
prologicnormally for a proper Python environment with full development support11:24
prologicyou usually need python and python-devel11:24
prologicor python-dev11:24
Yamait seems that the compile of my python wasnt compiled with bzip set11:24
prologicwhich should in theory bring in other -dev/-devel packages11:24
prologicyeah installing the bz2 dev packages should fix that11:24
Yamamind telling me where i need to set which bz2 to use?11:25
prologicI typically use CRUX myself11:25
prologicdesktop and servers11:25
prologichave done for over a decade now11:26
prologicthose are the dependencies of python on crux11:26
prologicbut we don't have *-dev/-devel packages11:26
prologicso if you make sure you have dev equivalent of the packages listed there you should be able to compile a python proper11:26
prologicit should pick up the libraries11:27
Yamaomg omg omg omg11:50
Yama>>> import bz211:50
Yamai just recompiled.....11:50
Yamaonly a fucking recompile....11:50
Yamaim freaking out till i tried to install circuits11:51
Yamaawww gahwd11:53 with python3 needs --c2to3 (experimental) <- mercurial11:53
Yamaprologic can i cry on your shoulder?12:11
Yamacant i install the latest circuits without hg+ link?12:12
Yamai cant manage to install mercurial12:12
YamaYou can also install th latest-development version using pip with pip install circuits==dev.12:14
Yamaand u let me suffer with mercurial D:12:15
Yamaand done...12:16
Yamai guess the dood yesterday with None ident.... is not the last one12:35
Yama<notice[ircbot] (('', None, None), '*', '*** No Ident response' )>12:35
Yama<error[ircbot] (<class 'TypeError'>, TypeError("'str' does not support the buffer interface",),13:19
Yamawtf is happeneing oo13:19
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kdbHello qwebirc7780416:29
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kdbHowdy leux_16:31
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kdbHowdy romster17:15
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kdbHi jpenny17:35
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Yamaprologic i cant get even the example bot running pn py3.4.1 with circuits 3.0.0dev19:18
Yamaon wheezy and windows19:18
Yamathe string error appears always, which i posted above19:19
prologicYama, just download a tarball from bitbucket20:52
Yamau mean 3.0.0dev with pip is outdated, too?20:53
prologicI'm afraid so :)20:53
prologicdownload the latest zip/tarball20:53
prologicit's hard to keep up-to-date with20:54
prologicpython 2.6, 2.7 3.2, 3.3. 3.4 and pypy20:54
Yamahm pip install downloadlink should work, too, right?20:54
prologicit should but for some reason it doesn't20:55
prologicprobably because the latest version on pypyi is actually 2.1.020:56
prologicand the ==dev link on that readme is broken I think20:56
prologicsooner we release 3.0 proper the better20:56
Yamai like how pip can just installs from tars.. even via link :D21:14
Yamapip install
Yamaprologic is dis link outdated, too?21:18
Yamaima afk21:25
Yamaafter im back.. i will try one more time...21:26
Yamait cant be fucking so hard to install an framework on dev version >_>21:27
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kdbHi workster23:24
Yamayo prologic23:46
Yamau available?23:46

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