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ircnotifier_e5922b2a4aa3 by prologic: More Python 3 compatibility fixes00:15
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prologic_much better00:23
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Yamahey prologic u have any idea how to make use of "show desktop version" feature on mobile browsers?00:42
Yamaa hint for what to search should be enough :D00:42
prologicit's just a link00:45
prologicthat renders the page differently00:46
Yamaya... how does the page knows about the requesting desktop version?00:46
prologicit's a different resource?00:47
prologica link00:47
prologicwhy do you want such a useless feature anyway?00:48
prologicit's not that useful :)00:48
prologicserve up one content only00:48
prologicand make it adapative00:48
prologicusing twitter bootstrap responsive for example00:48
Yamaya.. dats the current state00:48
prologicso it works on both mobile and desktop00:48
prologicwithout serving up different content00:48
Yamabut big thumbnails and massive of code is delivered, too00:48
prologicthat's why there's JavaScript :)00:53
prologicthe web is comprised of two things mainly00:53
prologicpresentation - HTML/CSS00:53
prologicapplication logic - JavaScript00:53
prologicwell three00:53
prologicdata - API(s), Resources, etc00:53
Yamai try to mind JS T_T00:54
Yamabut well, since werkzeug, i can use ifs in ma templates00:54
Yamathats a nice idea00:54
Yamabut would like to anyway give the usery an option to see the full website00:55
prologicup to you00:57
prologictemplating should be used spariling ihmo00:57
Yamathey change the OS and browser00:57
Yamawell, shouldnt be much00:58
Yamau can see current state here: https://yamahi.eu00:58
Yamaand i just would like to customize it more00:58
ircnotifier_54137d2ad128 by prologic: More Python 3 compatibility fixes00:59
ircnotifier_e53a0306f948 by prologic: Fixing examples for Python 3 compatibility00:59
prologicyou run your own irc server too?01:02
Yamathe game server/website is on a server, which is part of a irc network01:05
Yamaso i can use my own domain XD01:05
Yamaprologic executing this:'msg.ini')01:07
Yamawould reload the config, right?01:07
Yamahmm... i would need to set it to global i guess01:07
prologicsorry, what?01:07
prologicdon't use globals01:07
Yamajust reload a config file01:07
prologicwhat's config?01:08
Yamajust messages to spam in irc01:08
Yamaa ini file01:08
prologicwhat is the object config?01:08
prologica ConfigParser instance?01:08
Yamaconfig = configparser.ConfigParser()01:08'msg.ini')01:08
prologicpydoc configparser.ConfigParser01:08
prologicshort answer: I don't know off the top of my head01:08
prologicbut I think you have to re-read the file01:09
prologicbe calling again01:09
prologicI think01:09
Yamathats what i think too^^01:09
prologicnormally though I use argparse.ArgumentParser01:09
prologicCLI options/arguments01:09
prologicnot config files01:09
prologicand environment variables01:09
prologicconfig files can get messy01:09
prologicand quickly become an excuse to dump everything into them01:09
prologicwith all sorts of useless configuration options you never use01:10
Yamai even changed the config options from the jaraco irc to load from ini XD01:10
Yamaif things are static for long time, i like to save them in ini's01:10
Yamaya but configurableness is good if u publish things...01:11
Yamayis, reading again  works01:17
Yamaand i feel much more comfortable with setting-files XD01:17
Yamai have only CLI args for backuping things and cleaning up old backups01:18
Yamabut all are executed via cron01:18
prologicyou should still use circuits :)01:18
Yamai will try it out, that for sure01:18
ircnotifier_6f2b203a0f97 by prologic: IHMO Bridge should behave like this but seems to be broken by design01:35
ircnotifier_fd43add2d8b4 by prologic: More Python 3 compatibility fixes for examples01:35
Yamaupdates :D02:17
Yamabut ya no circuits yet02:17
ircnotifier_cea14dd43313 by prologic: Python 3 compatibility fixes for examples02:30
ircnotifier_3523593f8d59 by prologic: Backed out 6f2b203a0f9702:30
ircnotifier_3c023e95633a by prologic: Python 3 compatibility fixes for examples02:30
ircnotifier_bada9bf8c71c by prologic: Python 3 compatibility fixes02:30
Yamagood think i didnt updated yet XD02:32
Yama    mobiles = ('iPhone', 'IPod', 'Android', 'BlackBerry', 'Windows Phone')02:47
Yama    ua = str(request.user_agent)02:47
Yama    if any(word in ua for word in mobiles):02:47
Yama        mobile_user = True02:47
Yama    else:02:47
Yama        mobile_user = False02:47
Yamathe detection of flask isnt such well... so that i need to check the raw string02:48
Yamaiphone users need to jailbreak or use another browser for requesting desktop version.... haha XD02:49
Yamamy sublimelinter doesnt shows me any pep8 errors :/03:01
ircnotifier_637372079574 by prologic: Code Cleanup04:42
prologicI need test users for my little irc server I'm writing06:23
ircnotifier_f32ca4b05413 by prologic: Make where the sample irc bot connects to configurable via sys.aargv[1:] and exit on disconnect06:25
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ircnotifier_4fb8ac774b64 by prologic: Updated .coveragerc to reflect protocol package structure14:02
ircnotifier_26c697889434 by prologic: Consider two events equal if their name, args and kwargs match14:02
ircnotifier_e6eebdd6f61e by prologic: Improved IRC Protocol (and tests) to use a factory pattern for commands14:02
ircnotifier_c421ca4174aa by prologic: Fixed numeric handling in irc examples14:02
ircnotifier_a779df34d089 by prologic: Code Cleanup and Python 3 compatibility fixes14:02
ircnotifier_19abd1637f4f by prologic: Backed out 26c69788943414:02
ircnotifier_02a29f56a7db by prologic: Python 3 compatibility fixes14:02
ircnotifier_4c23be6c35e6 by prologic: Fixed event equality test in IRC Protocol tests14:02
ircnotifier_fb43b9dd4ff3 by prologic: Guard against invalid file descriptors14:02
ircnotifier_411f17a11cca by prologic: Fixed disconnect event handler in test client14:02
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Yamabrb, mirc update14:44
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kdbHeya robert_18:01
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kdbHowdy an_ony_moose20:01
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kdbHey fsx21:30
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