IRC Logs for #circuits Sunday, 2014-08-17

ircnotifier_74e2d7ce2dfe by prologic: Default to for ircbot example00:30
ircnotifier_ae6919898e72 by prologic: Should be elif here :)00:30
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ircnotifier_f3704a2ba3b5 by prologic: Fixed typo in doc string for Event constructor01:01
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kdbHeya at0mat08:35
prologichi at0mat08:37
at0mathey there08:38
at0matlooking for any advice on soldering to laquered wire08:38
at0matlike in thin headphone wire08:38
at0mathave adjustable temp iron, but haven't had much luck08:39
prologicafraid we haven't a clue08:40
prologicbut ##electronics might :)08:40
prologicor #arduino08:40
at0matthanks :)08:42
prologicno problems ;)08:43
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prologicRomster, know anyone that might be interested in helping me run the ShortCircuit IRC Network again?11:53
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kdbYo robert_|disconne12:20
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ircnotifier_401a1dd7be91 by prologic: Improved Signal Handling. Fixes Issue #11212:51
ircnotifier_ef29d06ec175 by prologic: Code Cleanup12:51
ircnotifier_ca3c204bf014 by prologic: Improved several tests for better Python 3 compatibility and overall test reliability. All but 1 test passing on 2.6, 2.7, 3.2 and 3.312:51
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kdbHello at0mat_18:31
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ircnotifier_fc701b98f779 by SF-297: Added opener reset to prevent interference between tests. Fixes Issue 11120:50
ircnotifier_d45860c0874d by prologic: Updated ChangeLog20:53
ircnotifier_cc16d4cc4b77 by prologic: Merged with 4357:d45860c0874d20:53
ircnotifier_3c4028115cdf by prologic: Code Cleanup21:14
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