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kdbHeya clixx_io03:21
clixx_IOrobot - kdb I will slap you03:21
clixx_IOprologic: hello03:23
prologichi clixx_IO03:55
clixx_IOHi, how did you go with the serial?03:56
prologicsorry dude, not yet :(03:59
prologicI haven’t had a lot of time to do interesting arduino projects at home lately04:00
prologicbut on the bright side04:00
prologicI have managed to fix quite a lot of Python 3 compatibilty issues with circuitgs04:00
prologic(in dev branch)04:00
prologicas well as fixing up many filaing tests04:00
prologica new contributor Vald has helped quite a lot as well04:00
prologicso all in all, it’s been really good04:00
clixx_IOok, but I'm just looking for a basic pattern to read a line of serial and write something back04:04
clixx_IOie, the most basic of serial code ever invented in the world04:04
clixx_IOI guess it would be like an echo-server04:11
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ircnotifier_985d24fa239d by prologic: Added basic (untested) example of how to use
clixx_IOwhere ?04:36
clixx_IOlink ?04:36
clixx_IOuntested is fine - I can debug it04:39
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clixx_IOprologic: Yes something like that05:09
clixx_IOyou can remove line #3605:09
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ircnotifier_35fc4440b616 by prologic: Fixed erroneous comment in echoserial example06:33
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prologiceven'n all09:06
prologicbloody hell took me 2hrs to get home tonight09:06
Yamasounds horrible^09:24
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prologicit is :)10:20
prologichi Yo10:20
prologichi Yama10:20
ircnotifier_f6d4bbe29b58 by prologic: Fixed skip_missing_interpreters configuration optin in tox config10:23
YamaYo x)10:24
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ircnotifier_7a8c52c64c60 by prologic: Code Cleanup11:08
ircnotifier_2b5aab58994d by prologic: Increase timeout on watcher fixture's wait()11:08
ircnotifier_127ea8370b4e by prologic: Trying to fix unreliable websockets test11:21
Romsterprologic> Romster, know anyone that might be interested in helping me run the ShortCircuit IRC Network again? <- i dunno if i want to relive that again or my girlfriend. you remember which one.11:25
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prologicRomster, I wasn't referring to you necessarily :)11:32
prologicI'm not far off having a pretty decent implemtnation of an rfc 1459 and rfc 2812 ircd11:32
prologicI have it up on 666711:33
Romsterdunno who else would be keen to be honest. guess your after a few servers to network to it and start your own shortcitcuit stuff again and services11:48
prologicthat's the plan11:49
prologicI think I might build an iOS/Android app too11:49
prologicand a web app11:49
Romsterwhat to even host there is tons of irc networks now11:49
Romsterarn't they a pain/java11:49
prologicwanna do it a bit different11:49
prologicKivy ftw11:49
Romsterliek i'm still waiting for pidgin to port to android11:49
Romsterthat looks pretty neat11:52
prologicI'm contemplating something11:54
prologicI tried to use redis11:54
prologicand an orm11:54
prologictried rom and redisco11:54
prologicboth had issues and I run into problems11:55
prologicthis is for storing state11:55
prologice.g: users, nicks, channels, members of channels11:55
prologicright now I'm storing them in-memory using dicts, etc11:55
prologicI wonder if there's any benefit to storing them in mongodb11:55
prologicthe python mongo libraries and mappers are more mature than redis11:55
Romsterbeen looking at mongodb11:56
prologicwould it make state management any easier11:56
prologicwould the irc daemon suffer performance hits11:56
Romsteri nearly made a Pkgfile for that11:56
prologicgoing to/from mongo11:56
prologicI would just11:56
prologicdocker run -d mongo11:56
prologicsomeone help me nut this out :)11:56
prologicright now I store state in memory11:56
prologicusers, nicks, channels, etc11:56
prologicI tried redis + an object mapper -- failed11:57
Romsterafaik mongo should be pretty fast if not faster than sql11:57
prologicshould I think about moving the state/data management to mongo?11:57
Romsterdon't need todo complicated joins in mongodb11:57
prologicmongo is generally faster than sql11:57
prologicbecause you are storing normalized data11:57
prologici.e: whole documents11:57
prologicso you end up performing less/fewer queries11:57
Romsterand retrieving records is simpler11:58
RomsterPeople are seeing real world MongoDB performance largely because MongoDB allows you to query in a different manner that is more sensible to your workload.12:01
Romsterpretty much12:01
Romsternot sure on transactions on mongodb vs mysql though.12:04
prologicpretty much identical12:11
prologicmongodb is a transactional database12:11
Romsterjust without the complicated joins12:11
Romsterand mongodb makes it easy to alter the schema too12:12
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prologicI'll give it a quick go12:18
prologicwhile charla is still simple enough12:18
prologic~1500 loc12:18
prologicgoing to try mongoengine + mongo12:18
Romsterwell mongo is more pyhtonic than sql no?12:19
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