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prologiceven'n all07:39
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prologicpdurbin, so as it turns out (after some rethinking) I was able to use Redis afterall to store state13:18
prologicso far working quite well13:18
prologicsolved the edge cases I ran into13:18
prologicstoring/serializing socket objects to uniquely identify clients13:18
prologicthe the recursion problem I was running in to13:18
prologicthere are a couple of annoyances with the redisco mapper library I'm using13:25
prologicnamely the repr function can cause recursion problems13:25
prologicif you have say one model that refereences another which references the first13:25
prologicUser -> Channels (many-to-many)13:25
prologicChannel -> User (many-to-many)13:25
prologicso maybe I should figure out a way of fixing this in the general case and submit a PR upstream for redisco :)13:26
prologicthe other annoyance is ReferenceFields13:26
prologicreferences to other models13:26
prologicdon't get saved automatically when the parent gets saved13:26
prologicso you have to do:13:26
prologicuser = User(sock=sock, nick="foo")13:26
prologicuserinfo = UserInfo(...)13:27
prologicuser.userinfo = userinfo13:27
prologicyou can see how this kinda sucks13:27
prologicdefeats the purpose of DRY :)13:27
pdurbinA Python Library for Simple Models and Containers Persisted in Redis13:43
prologicit's an object mapper13:46
prologicyou know, convenience and abstraction ftw :)13:46
pdurbinan ORM13:47
prologicwithout the R part13:49
prologicstrictly speaking Redis ia a key/value store13:49
ircnotifier_4b8309c13b1e by prologic: Add a default signal handler to the Debugger13:50
prologicpdurbin, looks like I have the state consistency right14:09
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pdurbinstate consistency is good22:54
prologicpdurbin: it’s necessary :)23:26
prologicI guess I’m going to have to pause for a bit now23:27
prologicand write more integration tests to test the protocol side of things for compliance23:27
prologicas well as testing state consistency23:27
prologictwo very important things not to break :)23:27
pdurbingood to test it :)23:28

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