IRC Logs for #circuits Saturday, 2014-08-23

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kdbYo sapiosexual03:22
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kdbHello rudyvalencia04:51
robert_prologic: ping.04:52
prologicrobert_, pong07:16
robert_prologic: how goes it?07:21
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prologichi Yama09:26
prologicrobert_, good thanks09:26
prologicwhat's up?09:26
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kdbHi koobs12:08
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prologicthis is really interesting14:01
prologicso two things14:01
prologica) I've written a fairly robust caching dns server14:01
prologicb) ping google.com14:02
prologicany hostname really14:02
prologic(not ip address)14:02
prologicresults in the dns server being hit for every ping for a PTR record of the ip14:02
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kdbHowdy koobs14:07
prologicwell that's one way of finding outu what you end up hitting when you go to a website14:29
prologicwrite your own dns caching server14:29
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kdbYo robert_18:57
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kdbHeya at0mat21:54
prologicpdurbin, I'm writing something similar to minidns
prologicwith some differences22:14
prologicobviously circuits not twisted :)22:14
prologicdocker friendlier22:14
prologicand minidns lacks some features I'd like22:14
prologiclike @ IN A
prologicfor example22:15
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robert_I'm writing a build system, partly utilizing Circuits. :p22:34
prologicpffft :)22:40
robert_most of it is, but there's syntax I want to support that makes it kind of a hack to do that completely. :p22:41
prologicwell obviously you should and do use other libraries22:59
prologicto facilitate other fatures :)22:59
robert_yeah. :p22:59
prologice.g: my microdns server23:00
prologiccircuits + dnslib + redisco23:00

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