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kdbHowdy workster_08:00
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kdbHi ninkotech_08:02
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kdbYo at0mat_08:05
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kdbHello ossoleil08:06
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kdbHeya jpenny10:57
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kdbHeya ninkotech15:18
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kdbHi spaceone15:22
ninkotechprologic: mongo might be good for you. but please check also this:
ninkotechi would suggest checking riak and redis too :)15:53
ninkotechand cassandra maybe15:53
ninkotechthis guy is funny and informative  :)
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kdbWelcome back sapiosexual :)19:14
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kdbHowdy pdurbin19:16
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prologicthanks ninkotech good alternatives to look at21:17
prologicninkotech, right now I actually want to make redis optional21:17
prologicor actually remove it as a dependencny21:17
prologicit's actually rather slow compared to in-memory  stores21:18
prologicbut it does give the convenience of a central place to connect to to manage data (i.e: zones)21:18
prologicso I don't have to write a web api for the daemon21:18
prologicso using something like redis has it's advantages21:18
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kdbHi osso21:18
prologicbut will users really watn to21:18
prologicbrew install redis21:18
prologicredis -d21:18
prologicpip install udns21:18
prologicor just 2-step21:19
prologicpip install udns21:19
prologichi Osso21:19
Ossooh I missed part of an interesting conversation21:19
Ossolet me read the logs21:19
Ossojust provide or docker image ahah21:22
prologicninkotech was late contributin to that convo21:23
prologicit was quite a while ago actually21:23
prologicperhaps you can find it in the online irc logs21:23
prologicit was basically about21:24
prologicuse a db or not use a db21:24
prologicfor this udns project I wrote in a couple days21:24
prologicerr no wait21:24
prologicthe convo was about charala21:24
prologican irc daemon21:24
prologicbut I'm using redis for udns too21:24
prologica little authoriative, caching development dns server21:24
prologicusing it at work and at home21:24
prologicquite nice21:24
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kdbHowdy qwebirc6316122:11
qwebirc63161sorry my english is quite ridiculus! :)22:12
qwebirc63161I'm searching an help for circuits22:12
qwebirc63161It's the right place? I'm Trying to mix amqp library with circuits (w/o reimplementing amqp protocol)22:13
qwebirc63161my main proble is how to hook in different event loop (I'm using "kombu" as amqp library)22:14
qwebirc63161obviuscly when I launch the kombu eventloop,  every thing freeze.22:15
qwebirc63161no one?22:16
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prologicOsso: why didn’t you help :) hehe22:47
prologichopefully he/she comes back22:47
prologicthe answer is basically to find the right place to inject the required I/O into the amqp library22:48
prologicmuch like what I’ve done with dnslib22:48
prologicdnslib basically has classes to handle the prptocol side of things22:48
prologici.e: the parsing of the DNS packets22:48
prologicwhich I inject/hook into read/write events in circuits’ UDPServer components22:48
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