IRC Logs for #circuits Sunday, 2014-08-31

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kdbHowdy chilli003:04
chilli0hello kdb03:04
chilli0How is everyone?03:05
chilli0prologic, hey man, long time no see. How have you been?03:05
prologichi ChanServ03:25
prologicgood thanks03:25
prologicbeen busy :)03:25
chilli0likewise, I stopped coding a while back, but I'm quite keen to get back into it.03:26
chilli0I'm running arch now, how would you recommend I install circuits?03:26
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chilli0prologic, are you around at all?05:26
prologicinstall circuits?05:27
prologicyes of cousre :)05:27
prologicjust thinking about releasing 3.0 right now actually05:27
chilli0I just installed it using pip it worked smoothly. I haven't used python 3.4 before either haha05:30
chilli0is python 2.7 still the prefered python or > 3 stable now?05:30
prologicin general?05:41
prologicor with circuits?05:42
prologicalso what version of circuits did you get from "pip install circuits"?05:42
chilli0prologic, I was asking in general but both really.06:17
chilli0circuits 2.1.0 was installed06:18
ircnotifier2d34147c4f85 by prologic: Preparing 3.0 Release06:25
ircnotifier30aaf78132cf by prologic: Added tag 3.0 for changeset 2d34147c4f8506:25
ircnotifier52278ef6134c by prologic: Fixed README06:25
ircnotifier907ffe6d196b by prologic: Preparing 3.1 Development06:25
ircnotifierd60b28577885 by prologic: Merged with 30aaf78132cf06:25
prologicre-install with 3.0 :)06:26
prologicin general yeah Python 3 is getting more popular and more widely used06:26
prologiccircuits however still support 2.6 and 2.706:26
prologicand will likely for the foreseeable furture06:26
prologicbut we also support Python 3 and PyPY of course06:27
chilli0upgraded to 3.0 without a hitch :)06:28
chilli0As I'm starting fresh I may as well learn python 3.4 and use circuits on it.06:28
chilli0I'm looking to do a lot of networking within circuits06:29
prologiccircuits is perfect for that :)06:32
chilli0Awesome, I'm sure you'll see me a lot in here then haha. I'm off for now talk later06:33
ircnotifierc20313cb2962 by prologic: Updated Road Map06:35
ircnotifier6a8fad2ec3ba by prologic: Link to the ChangeLog in the REDME. Fixes Issue #9606:45
ircnotifier90dfcec230ff by prologic: Code Cleanup11:20
ircnotifierf4035fa7ea7b by prologic: Fixed pip install circuits==dev link11:20
ircnotifier3b2471d4f7d0 by prologic: Merged with 6a8fad2ec3ba11:20
ircnotifierf30bc0484318 by prologic: Close 1.5 branch11:20
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kdbHeya jpenny_11:41
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kdbHowdy koobs12:43
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kdbYo robert_22:08
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