IRC Logs for #circuits Tuesday, 2014-09-02

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zildjianhi prologic05:17
zildjianjust found the library and studying it.  Liking the design alot.05:17
prologichi zildjian05:41
prologicI’m glad you do :)05:41
prologicwe like it too :P05:41
prologiclet us know how/if we can help you in any way05:41
prologichopefully our examples, docs and tests have improved over time ;)05:42
prologichi Yama08:31
Yamahi logic08:34
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kdbWelcome back koobs :)11:44
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kdbHowdy ninkotech12:49
prologicmorn’n all21:30
zildjianI assume circuits.web.wsgi is still being implemented?22:10
zildjianoh I might be looking at a older version22:11
zildjian>>> circuits.__version__22:12
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prologiczildjian: yes of course23:05
prologicit’s more of a compatibility layer however23:05
prologicjtypically you would not run your circuits.web webapp under mod_wsgi for example23:05
prologicyou would loose all/most of the benefits of circuits :)23:06
prologiczildjian: 3.0 is right23:06
zildjianah ok23:09
zildjianprologic: thanks for the clarification23:09
prologicrunning into an issue with circuits.web.wsgi?23:10
prologicwhat are you using it for?23:10
zildjianusing it as an event processor for a TCP protocol and a UDP protocol23:11
zildjianhaven't fully implemented it yet, but looking at the library23:11
zildjianprotocol translation23:11
prologicfair enough23:13
prologicand the wsgi side? where’s that come in?23:13
zildjianoh that was just my curious side23:13
prologicahh :)23:13
zildjianI wsa looking at the wsgi module and was wondering if it was complete or not23:14
prologicit is for the most part23:14
prologici.e: Gateway works by grafting wsgi apps onto circuits.web apps23:14
prologicand Application whilst does work is not recommended23:14
prologicbecause it basically runs your circuits.web webapp in a single run and termintes each time23:14
prologicso it’s terribly inefficnent :)23:14
prologicbut that’s the way wsgi is designed — as callables23:15
prologicI use Gateway for instance here:
prologicto graft hgweb onto my wiki engine/cms23:15

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