IRC Logs for #circuits Wednesday, 2014-09-03

zildjianyeah not planning on using it most likely.02:10
zildjiandoes it terminate each time due to the spec of wsgi?02:11
prologicit has to02:12
prologicthe callee goes out of scope I guess02:12
prologicnot sure how it would behave if daemons were used via mod_wsgi02:12
prologicworth looking in to I guess :)02:12
zildjianah right02:14
zildjianI'm not familiar with that spec myself.02:14
zildjiani have used flask with cherrypy as the backend wsgi server and it was ok02:14
zildjian(cherrypy replacing werkzeug)02:15
prologicneedless to say the spec is great for interopability between various web components and framewrks with middleware, etc03:29
prologicbut I guess in practice most of the time you end up reverse proxying anyway03:29
prologicso fi you’re going to do web stuff with circuits03:29
prologicuse circuits.web :)03:29
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kdbWelcome back at0mat :)05:30
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kdbWelcome back workster :)06:09
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prologiceven'n all07:06
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kdbHi omegaalpha07:57
prologichi OmegaAlpha08:21
prologicOsso, ping?08:27
prologicspaceone, ping08:27
prologiceven you zildjian ping :)08:27
prologicthinking about circuits.contrib or something like it again08:27
prologicI'd like to get a library of more components in the wild and others to be encouraged to contribute in that space08:28
prologicI'm thinking instead of circuits.ux08:28
prologicor circuits.contrib08:28
prologic(probably as namespace packages)08:28
prologichow about ccl?08:28
prologicccl == circuits component library08:28
prologicas a namesapce package08:28
prologicfrom ccl.web.auth import Authentication08:29
prologicfrom ccl.protocols.smtp import SMTP08:29
Yamauppercase module names? oO08:29
prologicwhat? no08:36
prologicthose are classes/components ;)08:36
Yamauppercase classes/components? oO08:37
prologicthat's the normal convention :)08:38
prologicyou don't agree?08:39
prologicor you thought classes were normally lowercase?08:39
prologichave a read of the PEP8 guide and conventions08:40
prologicit's actually widely accepted in Python08:40
Yamai know08:40
prologiclowercase module and function names08:40
prologicwith optional _ to separate parts of names08:40
prologicclasses are typically all CamelCase08:40
prologicanyway :)08:41
prologicthat conversation is about circuits.contrib / circuits.ux / ccl08:41
prologicand trying to get that rolling08:41
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kdbWelcome back romster :)11:28
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kdbHi robert_|disconne11:39
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kdbYo omegaalp1a16:08
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kdbYo spaceone16:09
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kdbHowdy edk16:11
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Ossoprologic: cicruits.contrib is good20:42
Ossoit is pretty clear20:42
prologicOsso, you won't find it long to type?21:09
prologicfrom circuits.contrib.protocols.smtp import SMTP21:09
Ossoseems short to me21:09
prologicok :)21:11
prologicit's no worse than the zope namespace I guess :)21:11
prologicor Products21:11
prologicmorn’n all22:58
prologichey pdurbin23:48
prologichow you going?23:48
pdurbinhow or where? ;)23:52
prologichow are you goiung :)23:53
prologickeeping busy?23:53
pdurbinyeah. still on vacation technically but I'm hope and looking at email a bit23:57
prologicwhere you holidaying?23:59
pdurbinhave been working on my talk23:59
pdurbinquebec city23:59

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