IRC Logs for #circuits Thursday, 2014-09-04

pdurbinA great day in Quebec City -
pdurbinit was nice00:02
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kdbHeya osso_07:14
Osso_prologic: can the bot not highlight my name each time I connect?07:15
prologicOsso, unload greeting08:19
prologickdb, unload greeting08:20
Yamai have scripted on mIRC a blacklist in my highlight script :D08:21
Yamamostly bots are in there08:21
Ossothank you :)08:21
prologicOsso, nps :)08:27
prologicit's kinda an annoying plugin really08:27
prologicI've removed it from it's config :)08:28
prologicOsso, aren't you up for a new job?08:28
OssoI don’t know yet08:29
OssoI have a few possibilities I think08:29
zildjianpossible to have a TCPServer and a UDPServer running at the time? I'm hoping both servers can be added to the same polling/gevent loop09:37
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Ossoyeah sure zildjian works fine :)13:47
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prologiczildjian, just make sure theyre' on different chnanels20:59
prologicor they're events will collide :)20:59
prologicbut in theory you could even have them on the same channel20:59
prologicas long as you dealt with which event was which from which socket server :)20:59
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