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zildjianhas anyone used prologic in conjuction with celery?07:08
zildjianhas anyone used circuits in conjuction with celery?07:09
zildjianspecifically remote machines that are used to perform heavy gpu computation in workers processes07:10
zildjianmy spelling is terrible.  Guess that means I need sleep. Ciao07:13
prologicI haven't no08:05
prologicbut was pretty close to using circuits with rabbitmq08:05
prologiczildjian, what I would hope you'd end up with is a circuits.contrib.celery package and component that integrates with celery (probably via the upstream celery api)08:06
prologicand one hopes that the upstream apis are async agnostic friendly like rabbitmq is (I should finish the circuits+rabbitmq integration off)08:07
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Yamahey prologic you have some minutes for a nooby function? (no, not related with circuits ._.)11:42
Yamawell, i need to output all keys of a dict(), sorted with the values11:44
Yamaoh.. it seems... i got it11:49
prologicsorted(d.items(), key=itemgetter(1))13:24
Yamasorted(nicks.items(), key=lambda x: x[1], reverse=True)14:00
Yamahm well.... situation changed...15:03
Yamaneed to sort after reading from the database15:03
Yamaor wait.... i read it after i let the database sort it...15:03
Yamalooks nice :D15:03
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xMopxShellHey, I'm trying to use circuits.web stuff behind uwsgi. I can see in my uwsgi log that one of my methods gets run but the browser hangs indefinitely....22:00
xMopxShellmy code is fairly hello-world:
prologichi xMopxShell22:51
prologicthat example you’ve pasted ought to work22:52
prologicto be honest though most of us that use circuits.web use it behind a reverse proxy22:52
prologicthe unit tests pass for circuits.web.wsgi obviously22:52
prologicbut maybe you’ve run into a edge-case / bug under uwsgi?22:52
prologicTHis is circuits 3.0 right?22:52
xMopxShellI didnt know there was a 3 :o22:53
prologicyeah upgrade to 3.0 :)23:00
prologic2.1.0 is over 18months old :P23:01
prologicwe sadly have had a history of infrequent releases23:01
prologictrying to change that after 10 years :)23:01
xMopxShellyeah, same deal with 3.023:03
xMopxShellIf I make the http request with telnet I get the headers and the right content-length of what was returned in index()23:05
xMopxShellbut it hangs before the body comes though23:05
xMopxShellX-Powered-By: circuits.web/3.0 :)23:06
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prologicxMopxShell: can you test without behing behind uwsgi?23:46
prologicswap our application = Application + Root()23:46
prologicfrom circuits.web import Server23:46
prologicapp = Server((“”, 8000)) + Root()23:46
prologicAnd what platform/os is this on?23:46
xMopxShellI was trying earlier with (Server(("", 8889)) + Logger() + Root()).run()23:47
xMopxShelland that was working fine23:47
xMopxShellthis is on ubuntu linux23:47
prologicokay so it may possibly be a bug with our Application component23:47
prologicfrom circuits.web.wsgi23:47
prologicI/We would greatly appreciate it if you helped us track it down, report it and even fix it :)23:48
prologicBut fixing it is optional — I’m sure we can once we find out what the issue is23:48
prologicbut otherwise if you don’t care all that much just run your app behind a reverse proxy23:48
prologicI say that because if running a circuits.web app under uwsgi or any wsgi server23:48
prologicyou loose all of the benefits of the circuits asynchornous event-driven side of things23:48
prologicyour app basically beomes a callable that runs and termintes each time23:49
prologicor in other words23:49
prologiccircuits.web.wsgi.Gateway and circuits.web.wsgi.Application are compatibliity components for interoperating with the wsgi 1.0 spec/standard23:49
prologicin practice I’ve found most apps don’t really deploy or run under wsgi servers23:50
prologicexcept that also contradicts with the popularity of uwsgi :)23:50
prologicanyway choice is yours ;)23:50
prologiceither way we need to fix the bug23:50
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xMopxShellhmm i see23:56

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