IRC Logs for #circuits Wednesday, 2014-09-10

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xMopxShellhey, is there a way i can start a task for a worker to do with this:
xMopxShelland have it run in the background01:14
xMopxShellinstead of yield <that> and blocking until it's done01:14
prologicwell the task will ruin in the background by default anyweay01:15
prologicif you’re using Worker and fireing task() events at it01:15
prologicsorry I must be misunderstanding :)01:15
prologicyou can instead of call/wait (waitintg for the task to complete)01:16
prologicusing the control flow / coroutine primitives01:16
prologicyou could listen for task_success01:16
prologicand/or task_faliure01:16
xMopxShellOh ok i see01:17
xMopxShellso the difference between call and fire01:17
xMopxShellis that call, the task is suspended until you yield from it?01:18
prologicwell so call/wait are coroutines primitives01:20
prologicthe idea behind them being:01:20
prologicyield, args), “worker”)01:20
prologicbasically allowing you to synchornously call the event in your event handler01:20
xMopxShelli might try writing an irc bot using circuits, to learn01:21
xMopxShellive seen the example :)01:21
xMopxShellive done one in the past based around asynchat01:21
prologicahh yeap01:27
prologicyou should find it enjoyable :)01:27
prologicSee also:
prologicall in active use and development :)01:28
prologicAlso see:
prologicrunning on /server 666701:28
prologicsorry /server 666701:29
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maxwellwoodis any1 here real?02:30
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prologicwe all are02:31
prologicoh d’oh :)02:31
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prologichi tariq78621:04
prologichow can we help?21:05

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