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prologiceven'n all07:55
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prologichi y0no20:54
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prologicmorn’n all22:40
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y0noyop prologic =)23:06
y0noprologic: I try to work with node. Do you know how to easily retrieve data returned by the server on the client side ? I actually use read event but can I use something like eventname_success ?23:10
prologicI believe so23:15
prologicit should propagate through23:16
prologiclet us know if you have any trouble23:16
y0noprologic: in fact I have modified circuits examples to do it but even if event_success is called, the result is not set23:22
prologiccould you paste an example?23:23
prologicI’ll have to test it at home though after I finish work today23:24
prologicis that ok? :)23:24
y0noof course23:24
y0noprologic: Okay, I'm from France so we will have a little lag :D23:25
prologicthat’s okay :)23:25
y0no : Server23:25
y0no : Client23:26
prologicthanks I see what you’re saying now23:27
prologicy0no: if you wouldn’t mind digging in to this that would be helpful (whilast I’m at aowkr)23:30
prologicyou’ll want to look at circuits/node/ circuits/node/ and circuits/node/node.py23:30
prologicI just had a quick look23:30
prologicand I don’t think circuits.node is as transparent as the circuits.core.Bridge23:31
prologicwhich it really should be maybe23:31
prologicthe design/implemtnation of circuits.node is still quite new and has seen limited use-cases so it would be good to get another pair of eyes on it with different use-cases :)23:31
prologicthe original intention was to mimic the Bridge but for remote nodes (as opposed to subprocessess)23:32
y0noprologic: okay actually I try to fix SSL problem with web.client but I will look node just after.23:32
y0noI will try to implement something like "peer", just something that don't have "client/server" or "master/slave" relation.23:33
prologicyou’re the one that posted that issue :)23:35
prologicI’ve been thinking about it actually23:35
prologicI think the underlying issue might be the fact that we don’t properly capture when our tcp client socket is actually connected23:35
prologicwe just assume it is23:35
prologicI think code in circuits/net/ needs to change23:35
prologicif the underlying socket is not actually conented the ssl handshake will fail no doubt23:36
prologici.e: race condition23:36
y0noprologic: Yep I've got the same observation =)23:36
prologicre node and peer23:36
prologicthat sounds awesome :)23:36
prologiccircuits.node needs some TLC :)23:36
y0noTLC ? sorry my english is not really good x)23:39
prologicTender Loving Care :)23:42
prologicI’m sure you have a similar expression in French :)23:42
y0nooh ok, I see =)23:42
y0noSomething like "Une attention toute particulière" :D23:43
prologicyes :)23:47
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