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cfarmer_thanks prologic, that makes sense. i should be able to get the pid from the worker's pool i think right?01:12
prologicI believe so :)01:12
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prologicif you can improve the Worker API in circuits01:12
prologicthat would be awesome :)01:12
prologicI mean it’s pretty basic wrapper around multiprocessing.Pool really01:12
prologicbut works quite well01:12
prologicthe kind of thin gyou’re doing though kind of makes me think it’s more suited to circuits.node01:13
prologicand distbruted componnets (even if they’re subprocesses)01:13
prologicso it would be nice if we could get the circuits.node API(s) a lot nicer01:13
cfarmer_i was wondering about that...01:13
prologicthere is also the bridge01:14
prologicin that you can start componnets in process mode01:14
prologicas opposed to using a Worker pool01:14
prologicthat’s another option01:14
cfarmer_cool, thanks for the idea... i mean, for that particular application, i really only ever need one subprocess, so a pool is really overkill anyway01:15
cfarmer_as for my second question, i'm guessing circuits.web.websockets.client will do exactly what i need01:15
prologicyeah cool01:16
prologicso you could have a go at .start(process=True, link=...)01:16
prologicwhich internally uses Bridge01:16
prologicand see how you can01:16
prologicI wish I had more time to improve and play with a lot of this distrubiuted stuff in circuits :)01:16
prologicthey’re also special use-cases really — not your typical socket server or web server / app type stuff :)01:17
prologicahh yes01:17
prologicthere is a websockets client in circuits.web01:17
prologicas well as a websockets dispatcher01:17
cfarmer_yes, i'm excited about that (the api is super simple), i think it will work perfectly for my application01:18
cfarmer_basically, i'm using circuits to build a distributed system for processing streams of data... i think it'll be really cool01:18
cfarmer_(using circuits that is... we'll see about the 'system)01:19
prologicthat sounds great01:19
prologichopefully your use-case will help us improve the distirbuted funcitonality in circuits01:19
prologicso thanks :) (in advance!)01:20
cfarmer_np... be prepared for questions ;-)01:20
cfarmer_actually, quick one to follow up your earlier suggestion: "you could have a go at .start(process=True, link=...)"01:21
cfarmer_which module was that in reference to?01:22
prologicthat’s part of the core api01:22
prologicyou can normally run a component graph01:23
prologicas a main thread01:23
prologicor start a component in either threaded mode or process mode01:23
cfarmer_ah right, ok i'm seeing that now...01:24
prologicstarting in process mode and providing a link to a parent componet01:24
prologicinternally uses a bidirectional Brdige01:24
prologicin circuits.core.bridge01:24
prologici.e: IPC01:24
prologicbbs lunch01:24
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cfarmer_prologic: i'm looking at the bridge stuff (seems cool), but am having trouble working it into my current 'workflow', do you have any examples other than ""?02:55
prologicno not really :/02:59
prologicit transparently sends events from the parent process to the child02:59
prologicand vice versa02:59
prologicor at least it should :)02:59
cfarmer_ok, that's what I was hoping it did :-) i'm sure i can figure it out03:00
cfarmer_for some reason i keep getting a AttributeError: object has no attribute '_executing_thread'03:01
prologicI’m pretty sure it’s meant to do that03:01
prologiccircuits.node is a bit different03:01
prologicit was more for specifying “remote events” and “targetting different nodes"03:01
prologicbut it’s still a wok in progress ihmo03:01
cfarmer_prologic: ok, so i keep getting this error that the component i start with process=True has no has no attribute 'root'.03:22
prologicthat’s unpossible :)03:23
prologicyou’re on circuits 3.0?03:23
cfarmer_that does seem strange given that self.root = self.parent = self is in the manager's __init__?03:26
prologicit is03:28
prologicare you subclassing components at all?03:28
prologicand forgetting to call super().__init__?03:28
cfarmer_Well its sleep time for me, I'll try to throw together a reproducible example tomorrow... perhaps if you have a spare moment you could check it out. I appreciate you helping me out, thanks!03:29
cfarmer_ok wow, ok, the reason it didn't appear to have a 'root' attribute is because i forgot to call super(MyClass, self).__init__(*args, **kwargs) (which is probably exactly why you created the init method)... sorry for the noise! Obviously time for sleep! Night.03:32
prologicno problems03:34
prologicappreciate a repeatable example03:34
prologicperhaps you’ve found a bug we can fix03:34
cfarmer_yup subclassing, and yup forgetting :-p cheers!03:34
prologicI just read your 2nd message03:34
prologicnps :)03:35
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robert_prologic: still here?15:50
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