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pdurbinmorn'n and gn8 cancel each other out00:23
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prologicso they do :)01:00
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prologiceven'n all07:29
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cfarmerhi all20:20
cfarmeranyone know if it’s possible to addHandler on a bound method dynamically?20:21
cfarmersomething like this doesn’t work because we can’t set attributes on a bound method, and `handler` tries to do `f.handler=True`:20:21
cfarmerI can get this to work by not relying on `addHandler` and `handler` and basically reimplementing whey they are doing without the use of method attributes, but it feels really hacky, and requires subclassing Component (or creating a generic function) :-(20:24
cfarmerso before i go that route, just wondering if i’m missing something obvious that i should try?20:25
prologiccfarmer, yes -- but refer to it's function instead20:45
prologicor make it a @classmethod I think20:45
prologicwe do it sometimes (rarely) :)20:45
cfarmerprologic ah ok, that makes sense… but if i make it a @classmethod is that going to affect all instances?20:46
cfarmergrabbing its function should probably work ok20:47
cfarmerawesome, its seems like this works: `instance2.addHandler(handler(“event”,`20:48
prologicwell no it won't affect other instnaces afaik20:58
prologicbut it will let you dynamically use it as an event handler :)20:58
prologicor just make it a regular function outside of the class20:58
prologic.__func__ works20:59
prologicor should :)20:59
cfarmerseems to be with the minimal tests i’ve setup21:01
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