IRC Logs for #circuits Friday, 2014-09-26

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prologichi c45y04:02
prologichow’s things going?04:02
prologicstill at gu?04:02
c45ynot too bad04:02
c45ymy freenode bouncer forgot all my channels, only just noticed04:02
c45yi worked my way into a 2 year project recurring04:03
c45yso im here for quite some time04:03
prologicahh nice04:03
prologiccongrats :)04:03
c45ycheers man04:03
c45yhow goes the new job?04:03
prologicyeah not bad04:05
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pdurbinprologic: except for the weak typing ;)11:39
prologiccontext? :)12:09
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pdurbinjavascript vs. python12:24
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Zimsky"Achievement unlocked: Recognized JavaScript is not Java!"13:47
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robert_lol, circ seems a bit broken16:20
prologicrobert_, no broken21:12
prologicjust in complete :)21:12
prologicpdurbin, I still don't get it :)23:20
prologiclet's start this conversation again :)23:20
prologicWhat was I saying?23:20
prologicsomething along the lines of a greater appreciation for static typing?23:20
prologicor how much I've grown to despise weak tying :)23:21
prologice.g: Javascript, PHP23:21

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