IRC Logs for #circuits Saturday, 2014-09-27

pdurbinprologic: you were saying the new job isn't bad00:05
pdurbinbut I was imagining you shaking your fist at the weak typing in javascript00:06
prologicoh yes00:18
prologicabsolutely :)00:18
prologic> 1 + 200:19
prologicEvalulating Message(1, args=[], value=1.0) in <Object attrs=[]> at <Object attrs=[]>00:19
prologicEvalulating Message(+, args=[], value=None) in <Object attrs=[]> at 1.000:19
prologicLookupError: 1.0 has no attribute '+'00:19
prologicthat's better00:19
prologicmy mio-lang rewrite is coming along nicely00:19
pdurbinwe have a python guy who's shaking his fist at java00:19
prologicthing is, Python is actually really nice00:19
prologicwith it's strong and duck typing00:19
prologicI really don't mind it at all :)00:19
pdurbinwhat editor do you use for python?00:20
prologicvim and syntastic (plugin)00:21
prologicbut yeah UNIX as an IDE through and through00:21
prologicgister, codepad, grin, grind, vim, xargs, sed -- to name  a few common things I use :)00:22
prologicI've promised I'll sit down one day and document my IDE as such00:22
prologici.e: all the various tools I use on a day-to-day basiss00:22
prologicoh I forgot!00:22
prologicmost important of all :)00:23
prologicI use it for both git and mercurial00:23
prologicoh d'uh00:23
prologicmkvirtualenv, workon, deactivate00:23
prologicpip ofc00:23
prologicyeah :)00:23
pdurbinand now... npm, grunt, etc, I assume :)00:23
prologicI really cannot stand JS on the backend00:27
prologicit's god awful00:27
prologicseen the WAT videO?00:27
prologicyou pretty much encounter that kind of rap on a day-to-day bassis00:28
prologicso you have to always remember all the shitty semantic crap00:28
prologicand be sure to "code around" them00:28
prologicit's sad truly sad00:28
pdurbinwrite more tests00:28
prologic[1] * [2]00:28
prologic[1] + [2]00:28
prologicPython: [1, 2]00:28
prologicJavaScript: "[1, 2]"00:28
prologicor classic (proposal to fix it, but rejected)00:29
prologictypeof(null) === "object" === false00:29
prologictypeof(undefined) === "object" === true00:29
prologicgo figure00:29
prologicso you can't test against null/undefined very well00:30
prologicso you have to be explicit00:30
prologicalso a language that distinguishes between "a null value"00:30
prologicand "a value that isn't there"00:30
prologicis just plain stupid00:30
prologicalso functional programming in JS is just painful at best00:31
prologicbecause things like map/reduce don't work very well with partial00:31
prologicbut at least this is the fault of the library authors00:31
prologicwhich just goes to show you their skill/experiences really00:32
pdurbinthe guy who invented null regrets his "billion dollar mistake"00:32
pdurbinI'm flying to SF tomorrow. My talk is on Tuesday.00:34
prologicgood luck :)00:35
pdurbinthanks :)00:35
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