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clixx-ioHello. I am trying to run EchoServer example. It gives an error01:35
clixx-ioIt runs but displays: <ready[server] (<EchoServer/server 4373:MainThread (queued=1) [R]>, ('', 9000) )>01:36
clixx-ioThat IP address doesn't exist01:36
clixx-ioIt should be 0,0,0,0 by default01:36
clixx-iooh ok - app = EchoServer(("", 9100))01:43
clixx-ionext question. Can an application listen on two ports at the same time? if so how?01:44
prologichi clixx-io02:25
prologicis our examples/ wrong?02:25
prologicclixx-io: yes, just spawn another TCPServer instnace02:25
prologicyoiu’ll probably want to run the two instances on different channels though02:26
prologicsome events will collide02:26
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clixx-ioThe example is not wrong. The documentation is -
clixx-ioIf a user reads the documentation - it's not going to work03:19
prologicthanks I’ll fix that :)03:31
prologicremind me when I get home from work03:31
prologicor you could fix it and send us a PR :)03:31
clixx-ioI don't know when you get home03:33
clixx-ioI have to go for swimming today - no communications devices are working in the jakuzzi03:33
prologicin about 5hrs :)03:34
clixx-iosorry - won't be available03:37
prologicnps :)03:37
clixx-ioJust key it in to the issue's system03:45
clixx-iobtw, did you get the serial working nicely?03:45
prologicyou did didn’t you?03:47
prologicI wrote an example03:47
prologicand you (IIRC) said it worked nicely :)03:47
clixx-ioI never saw the example03:50
clixx-iothere wasn't any read events attached03:50
prologicthere is one now03:52
clixx-ioah ok03:53
clixx-iowhere is the baudrate set?03:54
prologicint he Serial constructor03:54
prologicthere are defaults ofc03:54
clixx-ioI can't see a serial constructor03:54
clixx-iooh, well maybe it would be handy to have the baudrate set. That's one of the first things people look for03:55
clixx-ioThe defaults are never correct03:55
clixx-ioHave you got any esp8266 modules?03:57
prologicesp8266? no04:08
prologicThe defaults are trivially changed04:09
prologicSerial(“/dev/ttyS0”, baud=9600)04:09
prologicsorry baudrate :)04:09
clixx-ioGreat. It's just a subtle but important change.04:18
prologicI’ll add it to the example so it’s obvious04:20
clixx-ioNow I'm am just modifying the example to make some production tcpserver04:53
clixx-iofor a printserver04:53
prologicawesome ;)04:56
clixx-iojust a day job04:58
prologicBy sure to send us a PR to get on our Users Page :)04:59
clixx-ioI was using python-twisted for a while. But it got too annoying to continue with04:59
prologicIHMO deferred/promise chains are annoying in a language without anonmous blocks or functions04:59
prologicPython has lambda — but they’re not quite teh same05:00
prologici.e: (in JavaScript)05:00
prologic.on(foo”, function (err, res) { … });05:00
prologicor promise style05:00
prologicfoo().then(function (…)).catch(function (..));05:00
clixx-ioI think times have moved on since python-twised05:02
prologicyou think so?05:03
prologicwell there’s asyncio now in Python 305:03
prologicand a spec for all things async05:03
prologicat some point we’ll release the twisted on top of circuits integration05:04
clixx-ioI'm not only working in Python - maybe you are right05:04
prologicas well as write an integration for asyncio (asyncio modules on top of circuits)05:04
clixx-ioV:\Temp>c:\python27\python.exe printcapture-circuits.py05:07
clixx-ioTraceback (most recent call last):05:07
clixx-io  File "", line 14, in <module>05:07
clixx-io    from import write05:08 or circuits.codepad.org05:08
clixx-io  File "build\bdist.win32\egg\circuits\", line 22, in <module>05:08
clixx-ioshort version = under Windows the program no work05:08
clixx-ioPython 2.7 + Circuits V3.005:09
prologicplease paste to either or circuits.codepad.org05:09
clixx-iohave to learn how that works05:12
clixx-iowhat do you want? the error message or the program?05:14
prologicsince you appear to do windows development05:14
prologicwe need your help to fix some windows compatibility issues :)05:14
prologicso if you could spare some time that’d be great05:14
prologicnone of us that contribute to and/or develop circuits own or have a copy of windows :(05:14
clixx-ioI don't need compatability issues.05:14
prologicand since ShiningPanda CI shut down, it’s quite hard to test on windows05:14
prologicyou might not, but others do :)05:15
prologicsadly :)05:15
prologicthe whole error, traceback and eevrything from stay of the run to finish05:15
clixx-ioIt's too much bother. My boss will be very upset05:25
clixx-io  File "build\bdist.win32\egg\circuits\core\", line 20, in <module> ImportError: cannot import name SIGKILL05:27
clixx-ioThat's a pretty simple error in circuits05:28
clixx-ioright in core/manager05:28
prologiclet me check if we’ve fixed that in dev05:28
prologicpushing a fix up now to dev05:33
prologicIt was already reporeted here:
clixx-iowhere is dev again?05:34
prologicpip install -e hg+
clixx-ionope. Computer says "circuits 3.0 is already the active version in easy-install.pth"05:38
prologiceither remove the old one05:38
prologicor pip install -U -e ...05:39
clixx-iono change05:42
clixx-ioIt just goes back to pypi and gets the same thing..05:43
prologicno it won’t :)05:43
prologicunless you don’t have mercurial installed05:43
clixx-ionow I just get more errors:05:46
clixx-io    from signal import SIGINT, SIGTERM, SIGKILL05:46
prologicThat’s not possible :)05:48
prologicThere’s a try/except around the import of SIGKILL05:49
clixx-io Directory of C:\Python27\lib\site-packages\circuits\core  09/29/2014  03:46 PM            31,794 manager.py05:51
prologicyou possibly have a broken installed05:52
prologicof mixed 3.0 and dev05:52
prologicif you clean i up and re-install dev should work05:52
clixx-ioHow to install 3.0 dev ?06:01
prologicpip install -e hg+
clixx-ioCannot find command 'hg'06:02
clixx-ioCannot find command 'hg' Storing debug log for failure in C:\Documents and Settings\Accounts\pip\pip.log06:03
prologicyes so you don’t have mercurial installed06:04
prologicdo you only have git or something?06:04
clixx-ioon another machine. It's a users test machine06:04
prologicdoes it have git?06:05
clixx-ioNo. of course not.06:05
clixx-ionor do any of the machines that will run the software06:05
prologicthen you’lll have to get the zip arvhiew06:05
prologicpip install
prologicwe’ll push circuits 3.0.1 soon :)06:06
prologicdon’t worry06:06
prologicI mean “release"06:06
clixx-iook - that's not bombing out06:10
clixx-iowell it's working for now - thanks06:11
clixx-iowell on your side. But here it wasn't a fun user experience06:13
prologicno software development ever is06:15
prologicor everybody would be doing it :)06:15
prologicPlus your Windows machines neither had git or mercurial06:15
prologicso it makes it “that bit harder” :)06:15
clixx-iowhatever - I don't care how much they suck06:21
clixx-iovery few windows machines do have that stuff06:21
prologicyes but if you’re doing dev on one06:22
prologicyou should have these tools available06:22
prologicit’d be like doing C/C++ dev on a UNIX machine without a compiler06:22
prologickind of silly06:22
clixx-ioI'm not doing dev on them. Just trying to run software marked as 'works on windows' to them06:23
clixx-ioAll I do is vnc to the machine I want.. then run the software there. Don't need any development tools06:24
prologicI see06:24
clixx-ioThe internal version control software is Subversion.06:24
prologicso you’ll want us to release circuits 3.0.1 sooner rather than later then06:24
clixx-iobecause the software we have is way older than git or mercurial06:25
clixx-ioWhen you release is up to you. I made a note of that command so I can do it on other machines06:25
clixx-ioI only have a few days to get this to work. I wasn't even really supposed to change the sockets interface06:28
clixx-iobut did it because I felt like it.06:28
clixx-ioand the management here don't like excuses.06:29
clixx-ioIt's got to be written in days, and run for years06:29
prologicright :)06:30
prologicwell I’ll try to release 3.0.1 in a day or two06:30
prologicif you’re subscribed to the circuits-users or circuits-dev mailing list (google groups)06:31
prologicyou’ll get teh announcement and relase notes06:31
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prologiceven'n all08:05
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prologicmorn’n all23:33

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